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COSTA RICA – Hanging Bridges in MÍSTICO PARK


COSTA RICA – Hanging Bridges in MÍSTICO PARK

By Nélida Barbeito – Accessible Travel Expert Blogger

Costa Rica – Hanging Bridges

Originally published in Spanish, you can read the article here.

Upon arriving at the park and next to the parking lot there is a place specially prepared to take your postcard or take the photographic service of the place.

Immersion in the Mystic Park Jungle – Mystic, Magic, Beautiful

Apart from being a property made for EVERYONE, adults, children and families, it IS A LIGHT THAT BETS FOR ACCESSIBILITY.

While touring the park there are property plans and QR codes so you can always locate yourself.

It is MYSTIC, MAGIC and BEAUTIFUL, I have no more words to describe it. A property of 600 hectares, so extensive that it is difficult to understand its size. You can enjoy a revitalizing tour of the world-famous suspension bridges and trails, all surrounded by an immense tropical forest.

The main path is three kilometers, breathing the purest air of Costa Rica. In total there are 16 bridges, of which 6 are hanging. Each bridge has a name and indicates the height at which it is located and the extension it has.

You have the option of taking the main route of 1.5 km and there is the option of a 250 meters pathway for wheelchair users. It has a minimum degree of effort. Doing so lasts 25 minutes without a guide and 45 minutes with a guide.

double sized pathways

You can see very clearly in this photo the way in which they widened the path to double its original size and on the left the guard rails made of a material that integrates very well with the medium in which it is.

Scooter and wheelchair rentals

Part of the trail allows the assistance of assisted wheelchair or SCOOTER transit. It is also possible to rent a SCOOTER, owned by MÍSTICO PARK, which can carry a person up to 158 kg.

The park is accessible in public areas including accessible toilets for men and women separated which rarely happens. There are several parking spots for the disabled close to the ticket office or bathrooms.

Mystic Park provides all guests with the greatest possible comfort. The accessible trails are intended for people with disabilities. They do not have steps, they have guard rails and the surface material is non-slip concrete, and in several sections you can see how the paths have widened.

This photo of a Mot Mot is courtesy of our guide Vinicio

No excuses for living the experience

Part of the trail allows assisted wheelchair transit. They have the option of taking the main route of 1.5 km but this is the option of 250 meters for wheelchairs. It has a minimum degree of effort. With a duration of 25 minutes without a guide and 45 minutes with a guide.

People with disabilities will have the opportunity to travel 6 fixed bridges and optionally 2 suspension bridges. No excuses for not living the experience!

It is a place worth visiting and I highly recommend to spend a whole day because there is a great variety of activities in its 600 hectares.

nell hanging bridges costa rica

On one of the suspension bridges we crossed we experienced some real emotion when 10 people wanted to pass without waiting for us to arrive from the other side, how it moved!
We crossed its suspension bridges and trails, we saw slopes of natural water, we could see rare birds, a coral snake and another with very nice eyelashes!

P3 Planeta, People, Peace

We were very lucky because, apart from having a biologist guide, we were also accompanied by the Public Relations Manager of the Tadeo Morales Park with whom we had shared a pleasant cocktail talk during the P3 PLANETA, PEOPLE, PEACE conference, before arriving at this paradise.

At the end of the route you find a beautiful space to sit and enjoy a soda or food.

view volcano costa rica blog

At the end of the tour these banks to enjoy the majestic Arenal Volcano. To the right of these invisible banks in this photo there is a large restaurant also overlooking the volcano.

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