Travel information for people with a disability has been growing explosively online

Good and bad

It is a good thing, that more and more people go online and share their favorite places, cities and adventures. One great video after another, gorgeous photos, happy faces. Some channels and pages are really popular and reach many people.

But the majority does not. This is the problem in a thousand island online world. Or rather ten thousand.

Information is scattered all over the internet, hidden in a corner, or some far away place that nobody can find.

Next level

It is time to go to the next level. Many content creators out there, using so many different channels, formats, frequency in updates, have trouble to keep going. To not loose their motivation.

You find Youtube channels, Instagram pages, Facebookpages, blogs, websites. Some are run by one person, some by a company or a charity.

Some content is outdated or never checked and verified.

What needs to be done is to get as much of the content out there in ONE ONLINE PLACE.

Everyone understands that Tripadvisor has millions of visitors every day because there is 1 Tripadvisor.

Google and Tripadvisor

Our reviews on Google maps are a good example of what reach can do. Almost 2 million views, in just 3 years time. Imagine if this was an international account where many around the world work together. (Unfortunately some Google bot has unpublished our reviews. Since April 2022 we have been trying to have this issue resolved, to no avail).

A great list of some truly high quality review websites we share here: Global list of Accessibility review sites.

All have international ambitions, however most information is found in the country or on the continent they live.

11 years

A long long time ago, Accessible Travel Online was born precisely to do just that. Over the years the uphill battle was real. People prefer to work alone, stay on their island, afraid to share, basically, let ego rule.

A strong word perhaps, but there is definitely truth in there.

People kept saying, we try. We do our best. We do what we can. This is all from a personal point of view.

It does not contribute to a giant wave of change, that is out there, but still hidden.

You are invited to write for Accessible Travel Press

We can make this possible, in a simple but great way – city writers, sports reporters, hotel or outdoors reviewers and all travelers out there are welcome to publish at Accessible Travel Press.

It does not necessarily take tons of money, fancy marketing campaigns or millions of hours of your time.

A simple start goes a long way: start your writers account at Accessible Travel Press and share your travel adventures with an international audience.

Also, it takes a way the pressure to be online and writing all the time. 100 small pages make one great book!

Dogs, people, wheels

Most information online is about wheelchair access, as wheelchair users or scooter users are more online than the largest group of people with a disability, people who are blind or visually impaired.

Since the start, as stated in the story of our logo, we focus on assistance dogs, people with a visual impairment and wheelchair users. That is quite the challenge, because most of the time there are conflicting needs and there is no way of ever changing that.

However, disabilities come in an indefinite number, and are quite personal most of the time. So the more divers our writers team is, the better.

Sustainable growth

Over the years we have seen so many bloggers, video makers and social media accounts simply disappear or no longer active for a variety of reasons.

An obvious one is that it is too hard to invest so much time, money, love and energy to reach a handful of people.

There is no purpose, no goal, no motivation. We get that.

How to get sustainable growth

That is why we started a few years ago promoting high quality content shared by accessible travel bloggers around the world.

Like this gem from South Africa: Briony.
Or Aurelie from France, blogging in French and in English.

In the United States, John Williams worked for 15 years to make many professional videos in the Pacific North West on his Youtube Channel Wheelchair Destinations.

More great contributors online you can find here, in our TOP 21.

Now that travel has changed in so many ways and it is not sure how travel will be shaped in the future, it is the best time to focus on sustainable growth, so when everyone will travel again the information you need will be accessible.


Are you an explorer?

Do you love taking photos or rather do you have that photographers eye?

Do you write? Are you always focused on accessibility when you go somewhere, like reaaaalllly focused?

Do you post on social media regularly promoting your city or maybe country?

Do you have a WordPress account? Get in touch today.

Let’s have your content published here on Accessible Travel Press. If you like to say:

I write for Accessible Travel Press

You make a great team member. It does not matter if you use Instagram or Facebook, create only video content or write a blog. Let’s make your travel experience available to people around the world.

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