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Hilton Highlights – FROM THE ARCHIVES


Hilton is a brand we all know.

For us, to share our experience with Hilton hotels it is for a specific reason: their eagerness to upscale and improve even more their standards of service and guest experience and in the field of accessibility in particular.

From the archives

When we started as, we focused on hotels only. A unique HotelCheck (TM) was developed by our Hotel Test Team, and we managed to do a huge survey over the period of 1,5 years in some 40 hotels in the Netherlands. Although only 3 properties passed the test at the time, we did meet some truly great people working in several Hilton Hotels.

Former managers in The Hague and Rotterdam (now working in Germany and Italy) were dedicated to have a maximum score on the test and did anything you can imagine to improve services, make sure all facilities and amenities were accessible.

The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel next to Central Station in Amstedam has 28 accessible rooms!

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We have worked with DoubleTree by Hilton Amsterdam CS and Hilton Rotterdam and Hilton The Hague in the Netherlands.

In Europe we worked with other properties as well. At our website we share only checked and verified information and when accessibility is really true.

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When Hilton celebrated 100 years, a project plan had been set up between 4 partners (Europe and South America) to start an ongoing collaboration.

Many many hours have been invested by quite a few people. Can you guess how it ended? Please scroll down and share your Hilton experience.

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Funny note – now that the website is back online, guess what is our most downloaded guide?

Complete guide for visually impaired guests


An international primeur that did not make the headlines

We are truly delighted to share even more exciting news: Hilton The Hague (the Netherlands) is the first in the world to offer guests who are blind or cannot see very well, a special VIP service (Visually Impaired Package)

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