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Travel Tips by Melanie


Travel Tips by Melanie

Travel Tips by Melanie

Melanie, in our Travel Team, loves traveling, and always finds ways to get around in not-so-accessible places. Here’s a few of her tips.

Travel Tips by Melanie
Melanie – Hospitality Industry Accessibility Advisor

What are your best travel tips?

Horizontal parrot

A rope on the frame of another bed next to yours can help you to turn around easier and / or to get up.

You can also attach it to your own foot end, bed frame or surround so that you can pull up. This makes it possible to stay in a bedroom without a fixed parrot; a regular hotel room, an ordinary room in an apartment / house.

Small (and thinner) transfer board

An ordinary transfer board is often large and weighs about half a kilo. A smaller and lighter shelf can sometimes be sufficient to bridge a small distance making a transfer. This often fits in a cheap travel bag and is a lot lighter. Sometimes the wood store or a rehabilitation center can make this for you.

hotel room Melanie accessibility

Night stand

It is nice or necessary that you have things with you near the bed. If there is no (usable) bedside table, a chair (possibly with a piece of cardboard or tray on it) can often offer a solution.

Foldable “hand”

foldable hand
a rope, a transfer board and a foldable hand – always in my suitcase

Threshold help

When she was in Spain recently, she wanted to soak up some sun on the balcony of her apartment. “It was difficult for me to go on to the balcony myself, when I asked  the concierge ( should work at a hotel reception as well) if he could make something, it turned out there were these “auxiliary blocks” available.”

Sometimes it is not possible to stick something off the ground, close the curtains, … because you can not (yet) access it yourself. And you do not always want to ask for help. Then a collapsible “hand” or grab is handy. This often fits in a travel bag and weighs almost nothing.

Do you have great tips as well? Let us know and we add it to her blog. She really would like to make this blog interactive: travelers around the world – help each other and #dare-to-ask!

Why you should ask for help:

1. It makes my stay more pleasant (because I stay more independent)

2. Questions are free and can offer convenience / great outcome -> so dare to ask!

If you have great tips we can add to this blog, send us an email. We always get back to you. Thanks for sharing!

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