Dive into this wonderful world – STREET ART AROUND THE WORLD

Street art. When you think of art, maybe your first thought is a museum. Maybe you think Van Gogh or Matisse.

Dali, Picasso, Kahlo. Some may think first of sculptures and statues, others of the performing arts, music or ballet and dance.

What about street art? A collection for you from all corners of the world. We hope you like it!

Around the world you find the most amazing murals. It is truly mesmerizing, soothing, reflective. Every work is 100% emotion. No doubt.

Street art, murals, wall art, it is the most inclusive form of art. It is always accessible, for everyone to go to, to enjoy it. You don’t need to know any language, it is there to see 24/7 and, it is free. It cannot get any better, right?


Street art is accessible art in Spain


The first mural to show here in this blog is one by artist Case Maclaim in Madrid, Spain. A proud looking young boy, in his wheelchair. Followed by gorgeous, heart-warming art from Italy, Poland, Scotland and France.


Street art is accessible art in The Netherlands


This mural is on a building in the heart of Amsterdam. It shows probably the number 1 frustration in this city: parking tickets. It is a symbolic civil disobediance work of art, as the women have a lot of tickets, though they tear them up and throw them away.

The beauty of art is that a great piece of art speaks differently to people. Others can see a whole different story being told here.


100 murals around town. Several Dutch artists create murals in this city at the border with Belgium.



Street art is accessible art in Columbia

A beautiful painting of love! Scroll to the end of the page to see some painted stairs in Chile and Brazil.

Street art from the heart Columbia
Bogota, Colombia – credits unknown



Street art is accessible art in Italy

An angel on your wall in Montecosaro

Imagine living here, an angel on your shoulder, litterally!

The works of art created by the duo PichiAvo is to be enjoyed all around the world. The healing powers of these giant paintings make you speechless, don’t you agree?




Street art is accessible art in India

A great article about the upcoming street art in India on Lonely Planet. Read more

Street mural in India

 ©St+art India Foundation

Street art is accessible art in Hong Kong

This amazing artist in Hong Kong creates art everywhere. To enjoy more of it, follow his Instagram. You will not be disappointed!


Street art is accessible art in South Africa

Western Cape

A personal favorite, being an elephant lover since forever. Hearts and elephants, what else do you need to make you smile and feel good? Imagine to live nearby. What a treat!


Street art is accessible art in New Zealand

In many street art murals you can find nature or elements of nature. Flora and fauna, beautiful wildlife.

Nature is one of the biggest wells of inspiration to many artists.

Whaganui – Here you can read the story of Whanganui and its art around town. Art always brings people together. It is the best way to communicate, don’t you think?

Street art is accessible art in Australia

Australia is such a big country – so much more than meets the eye. Have you been to Western Australia?

A little town called Bunbury (between Perth and Margaret River) is filled with street art, go here to some stunning murals.


Street art is accessible art in the United States


Without a doubt the number one street artist, speaking to children of all ages, is Davis Zinn.

A Michigan artist, world famous thanks to social media. His work is available on postcards, calendars and more at his website. His work has 100% smile guarantee.


Street art to the heart

Throughout the Unites States you find Huge Art Letters in almost every town.

It has a sense of pride, of passion, of identity.


Montana horses

A wonderful story about this immense painting – Read more on the website how they painted the horses and the story behind it. During the war horses came in by train from Montana. Mocksville is a small town America place, with some 5000 inhabitants.

Walls Art Park in Waverly, TENNESSEE

The coolest thing is to see in Waverly, Tennessee.

A park full of walls where artists can come and create art for all to enjoy. From the website: “We have created an Art Park for the artists to paint in at their own discretion. The park has a walk trail, meandering through the trees, on a side hill just on the edge of Waverly, Tennessee.

There are 30 walls of different lengths & heights to paint on, which comes out to 80 different surfaces that are open to the public, and a total of 15,000 sq ft of paintable surface. The largest wall is 70’ long x 16′ high.

The Art Park will be open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year, for painters and art lovers alike.

Come take a stroll through the long shaded trails and see the new masterpieces appearing daily.”



A great way to keep on scrolling through thousands of images of Street Art, one even better than the other, is probably Pinterest. This board of murals and street art photos is really one of the best out there.

Not to miss: THIS! a TOP 3

There is so much out there, you could probably go online for weeks to find street art photos or videos. Here are some great websites you will really enjoy.


TOP 10 cities street art – is this your top 10 too?


25 cities unique murals worldwide. If you cannot visit museums or other art places very often, an online tour to all the beautiful street art out there will warm your heart and give you that shiny colorful energy that bursts from your screen.


this collection of 30 beautiful paintings

A personal favorite of art on the wall and on the street, in many cities around the world.

Stairs to Love

Image credits: Jordan Wong

Stairs and wheelchairs – they will never be match. These stairs though, are special ones. We dare to say everyone will love them. Why use them in the first place, just looking at them will do!

Enjoy these painted stairways in San Francisco, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Valparaíso, Chile, Seoul, South Korea, Wuppertal, Germany, Sicily, Italy (real flowers!), Morlaix, France, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, Beirut, Lebanon, Stairs of Peace in Syria, Angers, France, Istanbul, Turkey, Tehran, Iran.

17 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

At Bored Panda you can read all about the 17 Of The Most Beautiful Steps Around The World

Street art with a Royal Touch

Living Art made in France

And then you have LIVE STREET ART – a unique form of art, created by a theater group from France. This Compagnie de Royal de Luxe (founded in 1979) has visited quite a few cities around the world.

All people who have visited a parade, will have lifetime memories. Art is so powerful.

Do you love street art?

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More murals

If you just cannot stop watching murals all over the world, you might want to follow this website where you can follow all Street Art Festivals around the world.

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