Wheelchair user – Accessibility Consultant

Wheelchair user – Accessibility Consultant

Wheelchair user – Accessibility Consultant Niels Kentie

The story of Niels Kentie

Niels Kentie is 47 years old, lives in Schermerhorn and completed the Executive MBA of TSM Business School (the Netherlands) in 2015.

Niels Kentie the Netherlands
Niels Kentie

His life changed dramatically when he suffered a brain haemorrhage in April 2018.
Because of this trauma 1/3 of his skull had to be removed and Niels had immediate surgery to resolve the enormous pressure on his brain which needed urgent care. Niels received a plastic skull as a replacement for the part removed. His left side was almost completely paralyzed and doctors told him the chance that he could ever walk again was estimated to be very small.


After one and a half year of rehabilitation, which is still going on, Niels is now home with his wife and children. The house has been renovated to make it possible for Niels to live at home.

Before this drastic turn in his life, Niels worked in healthcare. He started as a nurse and grew to become a director in social services. He switched jobs due to conflicts with the municipality board and started working as a psychiatric nurse.

Niels Kentie
Niels Kentie, Wheelchair user – Accessibility Consultant

At the other side of the table

Niels spent a long time in the Heliomare rehabilitation clinic, where he experienced the health care system from a clients’ perspective. This has given Niels a broader view and detailed insight of healthcare organizations and he now knows a lot more about the process of getting a job in particular. Niels is told not to be able to work anymore, because he can only use one arm.

Niels does not agree and wants to use his knowledge and personal experience to help improve health care. He is holding an MBA title as health care manager, has worked over 20 years in the field. As a patient, he knows the what happens on both sides of the table.
He noticed a big gap between the the board room and nurses on the floor, when it comes to better patient care insights or more flexibility to make life easier for patients.

Management Consultant Comedian

His ‘two way street insight’ and his enormously positive outlook on life brought him the idea to start his own company, a consultancy firm for interim management. He will be available a Management Consultant Comedian.

Niels says: “I am the only one in the Netherlands who does this. The aim is to bring the management and the nursing employees closer together. In this I act as a crowbar and I bring serious subjects in a light-hearted and comedian-like way to lower the threshold between the two groups. ”

In the summer of 2019 Niels joined the ATO Travel team.

Documentary Broken ‘Stuk’)

Dutch television VPRO created a series of 4 portraits in a documentary called Broken. Niels is one of 4 patients sharing their stories while in the rehabilitation centre Heliomare, where therapy is offered on a daily basis. To view the portrait of Niels click on the video below.

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