Accessible Favorite - the Lazarillo app

Accessible Favorite – the Lazarillo app


Accessible Favorite – the Lazarillo app

Lazarillo App

In 2019, the first ATO Awards of Excellence, issued by the Accessible Travel Foundation, have been given to businesses who have made excellent contributions to the accessible travel world. This years nominations are given to trailblazers. Read the full post here. Registration for 2020 starts December 3.

There are 5 categories: Accessible Accommodation, Accessible Travel Agency, Accessible Travel App, Accessible Travel Product and Accessible Favorite by Public Vote.

The first Accessible Favorite by Public Vote, Award of Excellence, is given to the Lazarillo App, a product from Chile, that helps navigating blind and visually impaired travelers around the city.

Category: Accessible Favorite by Public Vote
Company: Lazarillo App
Country: Chile

The Lazarillo app is international in use, free download in Google Play and the App store. The winner of the Award of Excellence – Accessible Favorite in 2019 received 432 votes.


The Lazarillo App will provide you guidance through voice notifications/warnings. It will tell you where you are and what sort of things are around you: ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines), shops, cafes and more. As you move around the city, the APP will show local services, so you can have complete access to everything you need and the city has to offer.


In order to quickly access your favorite spots in the city, click on “save” so they become immediately available, even without Internet. This way, if you change your device, you will be able to access from another phone and recover all your favorite places.

The Lazarillo app – created in Chile

Awards of Excellence 2019

Category: Accessible Travel Product
Company: Access Trax
Country: United States

Category: Accessible Travel Agency
Company: Sano Touring
Country: Romania

Category: Accessible Travel App
Company: Neatebox Ltd
Country: United Kingdom

Category: Accessible Accommodation
Company: Great Ocean Stays
Country: Australia

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