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Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs

Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs

Romantic Romania – music festivals and mineral springs

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Lately, Romania is increasingly being included in the travel list of those eager to discover new destinations.
Regardless of travel preferences, it ranks among the top travel options of those who have already exhausted traditional European destinations and now are focusing on Central and Eastern Europe. Given the visible progress in terms of tourism infrastructure, Romania has become an interesting option also for the niche public, such as persons with special needs.

Today’s Romania is a space of abundance in natural resources, of tradition merging with modernism, of hospitable people, of evolution.

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In only a few words, this is Romania, which we invite you to get acquainted with, in just a few steps:

I. Book your flight to Romania early

In addition to traditional airlines, most low-cost companies operating in Europe also fly to Romania, some of them even within the country. The capital and other large cities are well-connected to other capitals and great European cities, for affordable prices.

II. Choose something for your liking from the diversity of tourism products which Romania has to offer

1. Urban Romania
Most definitely, the place where modernism is best installed and visible is in the cities. Bucharest, the country capital, reveals more and more to tourists every year, either for tourism or business purposes.

The Palace of the Parliament, National Museum of Art of Romania, Bucharest Old Town, the Village Museum are attractions accessible to persons with special needs, recommended to be included on any travel list of Bucharest.

Other places which must be seen are the Transylvanian cities of Brasov, Cluj Napoca, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Alba Iulia – places for accessible tourism, different from one another, but each of them with its own charm. Urban Romania is a vibrant place of diverse architecture, of cultural-musical festivals, of urban arts and of human profile variety.

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2. Rural Romania
One of the well-established sayings in the Romanian national conscience is that ‘Eternity was born in the village’ – the village being one of the vital areas of the country. Romanians are people defined by traditions and ancient customs, by traditional family values. They sacredly celebrate holidays. For many of them, this means celebrating with the entire family, gathered around tables loaded with homemade food and drinks.

The Romanian village is the place where many of the prominent figures of the country were born and lived. Even nowadays, having a healthy rural origin is a reason for great pride. The Romanian village is the space of authentic Romania, where time is redefined, and everything is fully connected to nature. One of the places of authentic Romania is the area of Bran, where, many years ago, rural tourism in Romania was created, for testimonies of tradition brought into the modern world.

3. Spa tourism in Romania
Without any false modesty, Romania has 1,300 mineral springs, which means at least one third of all resources in Europe. Spa tourism is a form of tourism with long tradition, the foundation of the first spa resort in Romania being set in the year 102 A.D.. It originates from Roman times, when they took over the spa cult from the Greek and developed it further.

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Nowadays, the richness and diversity of existing natural treatment factors, but also the quality of medical care, make Romania a solid destination for spa tourism. Spa and wellness resorts, such as Baile Felix, Covasna, Sovata, Calimanesti-Caciulata, Buzias, Govora have modern spa centres, hotels with a high degree of comfort; Some of them provide the necessary facilities for people with special needs. 

For those interested in anti-aging treatments, some of the spa treatment hotels offer Ana Aslan anti-aging treatments, with modern products and therapies, but in line with the philosophy developed by doctor Ana Aslan.

4. Mountainous Romania
Without having remarkable heights (the highest peak reaches about 2500 m), The Carpathian Mountains of Romania provide spectacular views and invite to various forms of sport and recreation, from skiing to hiking, mountain biking etc. For those of us who are less active, walking in the chic mountain resorts, such as Sinaia, and visiting castles and palaces here: Peles Castle of Sinaia, Bran Castle of Bran, Cantacuzino Castle of Busteni, is a suitable option, some of these being extremely friendly for disabled persons.

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5. Danube Romania and Danube Delta Romania
Undoubtedly, one of the Romanian wonders is the Danube Delta, being also the first Romanian attraction to be included in the Unesco World Heritage list, in 1991.
With a surface of approximately 4,000 sq. km, it ranks second in Europe in terms of surface, after Volga river delta. 82% of its surface is currently located on the territory of Romania, and the rest in Ukraine. The Danube, meets the Black Sea, on Romanian territory, collecting the waters of an impressive water basin, throughout its 2,860 km length. Its surface covers more than 80% of the surface of Europe.

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The Danube Delta is a spectacular space, inhabited by approximately 3,400 species of vertebrates and invertebrates, including many unique at national, European or even global scale.

No matter how much you read or what stories you are told about this place, to understand what is going on here, you need to come to see him for yourself.

Dozens of cruise ships travel along the Danube yearly, and stop on the Romanian territory of the Danube, allowing tourists to make contact with the local specifics, with the locals. Floating hotels, adapted for people with special needs, are awaiting tourists, to take them on huge stretches of water, which will enchant their eyes and soul with some unprecedented features of nature.

6. Seaside Romania
The Romanian seaside of the Black Sea marks the border with Bulgaria, to the South, and the border with Ukraine, to the North, and stretched on a surface of 245 kilometres. It is dominated by the Danube Delta and coastal lakes on more than half of its length, but it also has a significant portion of beaches, stretching along approximately 80 kilometres.

A distinctive feature of Romanian seaside lies in the fine sandy beaches, which sometimes are extremely long (especially in the North). Once they are here, tourists can enjoy cruises on the Black Sea – taking them including on the Bulgarian side of the Sea, as well as spa and wellness treatments using the existing local spa resources: mineral and mineralised waters, therapeutic muds.

III. Choose one of the events taking place in Romania, to add value to your vacation
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  1. The ‘George Enescu’ Festival is a Romanian music event with international prestige, which started in 1958, in memory of the great Romanian composer and virtuoso violinist, George Enescu. Along the years, a number of prestigious orchestras and musicians in the world have played in this bi-annual festival.
  2. Various music festivals taking place in Bucharest, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, such as: Transilvania Jazz Festival, Untold Festival, Summer Well Festival, Sibiu Jazz Festival, and events promoting local designers, arts and culinary events.
  3. Timisoara – the European Capital of Culture of 2021 – the city where the Romanian revolution of 1989 started, has already begun preparations to receive its guests in 2021.

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