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Grassroots accessibility was created to build fully wheelchair accessible mobile living spaces

When the following message landed in our inbox we knew this is a story that will go viral. In Montana, United States, a startup business called Grassroots accessibility is building and selling custom made accessible tiny homes on wheels.

“Hi, my name is Maggie and I built out a 20’ cargo trailer as a fully wheelchair accessible tiny home/mobile living space. I am an occupational therapist, and my partner is in a wheelchair. When I was looking to find an accessible camper to buy, I couldn’t find one. So I made one!

My goal is to make and sell fully wheelchair accessible tiny homes/mobile living spaces for individuals with mobility impairments. I started Grassroots Accessibility in order to include everyone when it comes to mobile living. I have one trailer finished and available to purchase, and taking orders for custom built to meet each individuals abilities.

How it started

This business was founded when Maggie went to buy a camper that she wanted to enjoy with her partner, who is a full time wheelchair user, and she could not find anything he could access.

So she decided to build their own!

Grassroots Accessibility offers custom wheelchair accessible build outs using cargo trailers because it is their belief the environment can highlight or hinder individuals abilities.


In a world where wheelchair users are often left behind, they offer inclusivity and the opportunity for your own oasis.

Accessible environments are imperative for independence and to thrive when living with a disability.

“It is not a luxury, but a necessity”


A sneak peak inside the accessible mobile home

email  grassrootsaccessibility@gmail.com for more information or a quote

Grassroots Mobility on Instagram

Follow this awesome startup based in Missoula, Montana, United States. If you go here you can find all details about the accessible tiny home. You can contact them on Instagram or email at grassrootsaccessibility@gmail.com for more information or a quote.

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