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Dive into ancient history, philosophy, and the rich island culture in Crete

Accessible Tours in Crete

medieval heraklion tour crete

Private guided tour medieval Heraklion

This tour begins at the most important medieval fortification network of the entire Mediterranean Sea.

The walls of Chandax (Latinized as Candia, the former name of Heraklion) were built in the 16th century when Crete was still under Venetian domination.

Designed by Michele Samischeli, a military architect and urban planner from Verona (and possibly the only architect who had studied Greek architecture), they stretched for four kilometers and featured seven great bastions, four main gates, several side gates, underground tunnels, and a gun powder room.

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from € 150 per person

Crete Archanes

Beyond the touristic path

This tour brings you to a number of adventures apart from the touristic path.

We will visit the local Museum of Minoan Archaeology in Arhanes and enjoy a coffee break in the village square.

Carrying on to Peza valley, we will stop by at the Peza Winery and watch a film on wine and raki production which we will consequently taste.

After lunch we go to Thrapsano, a village renowned for its potters. We will enjoy a demonstration.

Our last stop will be the Agarathos monastery.

Being one of the oldest monasteries in the region (built in appr. 1532).

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from € 150 per person

Arkadi monastery Chania and Rethymnon

Arkadi monastery, Chania and Rethymnon

This tour includes lunch, bottled water, transportation and has a dress code.

All Greeks regard Arkadi monastery as a bulwark and symbol of freedom.

Many consider Chania as the most beautiful city in Crete. We will stroll along the harbor area of the old port, admire its Venetian and Ottoman architecture, with its Naval Museum housed in the Venetian ship-sheds, wander through the narrow back streets, visit the famous Agora and leather market, and enjoy lunch by the blue waters of the Aegean.

Our last stop is Rethymno, a well-known university town. The old Venetian area of the city features a harbor area as well as an impressive fortress.

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from € 150 per person

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