Altogether Travel - you never walk or wheel alone

Altogether Travel – you never walk or wheel alone


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December 2021 is a significant month for Altogether Travel, as this will be the company’s 10th anniversary since launching its supported holidays and travel.

Founder Stephen Chalmers had over 20 years of experience of working in and managing social care services when he started Altogether Travel.

His knowledge and experience made sure that Altogether Travel became the UK’s first care registered supported holiday company.

  • Altogether Travel - you never walk or wheel alone
  • Altogether Travel - you never walk or wheel alone
  • Altogether Travel - you never walk or wheel alone

Altogether Travel has set up a unique collaboration between social care and travel agents to allow people who receive care and support to consider getting away on holiday, as they can be reassured that their care needs can still be met at the holiday destination of their choice.

Holiday companions

The company has a team of holiday companions, who are all experienced care staff, who love to travel and meet new people.

1000+ happy travelers

Altogether Travel is now the UK’s number one supported holiday provider, having accompanied thousands of customers to experience and enjoy a holiday once again here in the UK or worldwide.

Stephen tells us about John, his first customer. John, a man in his 80’s, who used to love going on holiday to Spain with his wife two or three times a year. After his wife passed away and his mobility deteriorated, he lost all confidence to travel again and thought his holiday days were over.

Once he discovered Altogether Travel, he managed to go on numerous holidays once again, accompanied by our companions. He enjoyed to go back to the same hotel him and his wife used to enjoy their holidays. You cannot describe the happiness our service brought back into John’s life.

Altogether Travel - you never walk or wheel alone


Around the world

Since then, the Scotland based travel agency has been all over the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Caribbean and Africa and even managed to accompany an elderly lady to achieve a bucket list trip to Nepal and a helicopter ride to Everest base camp.

Create your own holiday

Altogether Travel creates your holiday from the start. The customer shares wishes and dreams, and is given a choice of where they go, which is why there are no set holidays to be booked at the website.

They believe in giving customers the freedom to choose when and where they holiday, and then use their vast experience to create a bespoke holiday to meet their request.

Over the past 10 years the agency has built invaluable partnerships across the world that are beneficial when it comes to identifying suitable accommodation, mobility equipment and travel services that will make all customers holiday perfect.

You never wheel or walk alone

Altogether Travel also offers a popular travel companion service, this has allowed customers to take flights across the world accompanied by an experienced companion, who are with them door to door. Many airlines will insist passengers with physical or learning disabilities are accompanied on flights. This service gives the passenger reassurance and company within the airport and on the flight.

If you want to know more about the award winning travel agency Altogether Travel, visit their website.

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