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A series of 4: Accessibility is a bare necessity. Part 4: TIME MANAGEMENT

Accessibility is a bare necessity – a series in ‘Awareness First’​


In a series of 4, we will share some tips and insights. How easy it can be to implement accessibility in all its variety of do’s and don’ts in your business, and how to make a start.

The biggest issue of all: Time Management. That is what this last article, in this Awareness series of 4, is all about.

Accessibility is a bare necessity - part 4

Awareness is necessary, and starts with a change of mind or SWITCH, as we call it. When AccessibleTravel.Online was founded after years of working towards a working solution in travel planning for travelers with a disability, we had 2 building stones to start with.

One is the absolute need for reliable accessibility information, and two is to save energy and time, two precious and important life elements that people with a disability do not control as they need to adjust to their level of energy and following available time on a daily basis.

Accessibility is a bare necessity - part 4
Time around the world


Building global, working local is one of our companies motto’s. In the online world it is very, very difficult to know for sure if accessibility information is reliable or correct. So, we share only DIRECT LINKS to accessibility pages, and we only share locations or accommodation that share their info in detail.

If the only info on a website is ‘fully wheelchair accessible, we don’t add it to our resources.’

Accessible travel press

In fact, you cannot check it, knowing every detail, unless you go there yourself. That is a bit too much to ask, so we have collected thousands and thousands of pages for you sor far, including pages of reliable accessible travel agents, and great accessible travel blogs.


One of our ways of searching for reliable accessibility information is to check accessible travel websites, such as accessible travel blogs or accessible travel agents. They have local connections with transport, repair and medical services companies. They know what restaurants or attractions are accessible.

This is key when it comes to saving energy and time. We carefully select to be sure to recommend professionals who can help you plan your holidays, saving you lots of energy and time to sort things out.


As we advocate for change in the travel world, we need support from the community as well. You cannot expect change to happen, and be able to book your holidays without worries if you continue to approach the huge travel websites where numerous things still go wrong.

Subscribe to accessible travel newsletters, magazines and follow social media. We need you to share in large numbers.

APPS – change is a 2 way street

The same goes for the all these wonderful apps that have been developed, like the Lazarillo app (for blind or visually impaired people), or the Welcome app (to make sure any arrival will be royal and worriless).

Accessibility is a bare necessity - part 4

Change is a 2 way street: if there is a huge demand, companies will use the app for their customers. However, if people download the app, but never use it, or expect to have a choice in at least 500 locations first, all efforts and improvements will fade in silence.

Besides knowing if there is a ramp available (something you can check at AccessAdvisr in Europe for instance), accessibility is so much more than that. Knowing if you can visit a place in advance, avoiding disappointment and arrival anxiety is a huge time and energy saver.

So, we always look for professionals to work with and encourage property owners, attractions and tourist highlights executives or accommodation managers to check their time management and schedule priorities in another way.


If you want to improve your customer services, and stay ahead of the competition you simply need to invest in saving time and energy for your customers.

That includes sharing detailed accessibility information (online and in other media) and:

The important acknowledgement that investments need to be made only once, serving many customers for years to come.


Publication date 17 January 2020

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