The story of our logo

The story of our logo

Our logo is designed to express our mission: accessibility for all, when traveling, our passion. One of our goals is to contribute to the mission to make accessible travel available to many.

logo Accessible Travel Online

 Inclusivity and infinity

The circle is the ultimate expression of inclusivity and infinity. Smaller circles were added to the bigger circle, to express the variety of meanings, when you discuss accessibility. The largest groups of people referred to in these symbols are represented in the accessibility logo; there are many many more groups of people when it comes to disabilities, extra needs.

Inclusivity, Independence, International

Since ATO stands for traveling as independent as possible, we chose to use 3 smaller circles. These circles represent wheelchair users, people with assistance dogs, and people using a cane. This group refers to the senior traveler as well as to people who are visually impaired.

The number of 3 smaller circles in the accessibility logo is also carefully chosen. This number is to many a number of unity. ATO stands for inclusivity, independence and international travel, the 3 core elements of ATO.

Traveling is good for your soul

To be able to see the world, enjoy so many beautiful places, wonders of nature or museums, historic sites, we think it is the best. Traveling is good for your soul. It enriches your mind. And it fills your heart with good feelings.

For people who are traveling with their assistance dogs, using wheelchairs, or people with disabilities in general, it is very important that their travel experience is made possible. In a world with an ageing population, where seniors outnumber the younger generations, accessibility should be the new standard.

we all love to travel

The  √  symbol in the ATO logo

ATO shares accessibility information about the places to go see. We search thousands and thousands of websites and find good quality accessibility information pages for you.

We search and find hotels or other accommodations you go stay. Airports. Theme parks. To save you time to sort it all out.

We only use direct links of the sites we find to be informative and reliable when it comes to accessible facilities. And we keep track of updates.