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Beach Trax is a folding portable pathway for outdoor terrain. Removable hinges allow path customization. Fast and easy set up- just unfold. Perfect for travel, home, work, or events!

Beach Trax USA
Unfolding Beach Trax

Foldable, lightweight, portable

Take control of your accessibility with Beach Trax- the only foldable, lightweight, portable pathway for access across uneven terrain such as sand, gravel or grass. 3ft by 3ft (91 cm) square panels are connected via removable hinges allowing customization to make any turns or platforms.

This video shows the unique access the beach trax provide on any uneven terrain

Thirty feet (9.1 meters) weighs under 55 lbs (25 kg) and can be unfolded over the terrain in 1 minute by 1 person. When folded for storage or transport, 30 feet stacks approximately 2 inches (6 cm) thick, fitting in most cars. It can even be checked as luggage on a plane.

Access outdoor activities

With Beach Trax, you can access the outdoor activities you enjoy without worrying about barriers. Perfect for families, travelers, resorts, and events!

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Kelly Twichel

kelly Twichel photo

Kelly Twichel is the founder of Access Trax, based in San Diego.

She is also an occupational therapist and runs the ATO Office for Southern California.

Her experience in accessible tourism, being officially appointed to the world adaptive surf championship, held annually in California, brings a great share of knowledge and tourist information to ATO.

Access Trax

Kelly’s company Access Trax is a candidate to win the Amber Grants for Women in Business. Vote here if you support the beach trax! Voting is open until December, 2019. In the video you can see and hear why beach trax needs your support.


Adaptive Surfing

Access Trax has had a great relationship with the Stoke For Life (SFL) Foundation – an adaptive water sports non-profit – since the inception of their pathway in 2016. The Beach Trax pathway was in fact inspired by adaptive surfers including Stoke For Life Founder Charles “Chaka” Webb.

These professional surfers needed access across the sand with dignity and independence versus being carried or perhaps not attempting to access the water at all. Kelly and her team have continued to volunteer at almost every SFL event including the U.S. Open Adaptive Surfing Championships which occurs in Oceanside, California each October since 2017.


Surfers from all over the world come to this event, as well as the International Surfing Association’s World Adaptive Surfing Championships which occurs in La Jolla, California each December since 2015. The Beach Trax pathway is important for both competitors and spectators at these events.

Video at the Costa Rica Adaptive Surfing Open

Events and Championships

The Access Trax team has worked with the Waves 4 All surfing non-profit in Oceanside – a group eager to help anyone with any ability enjoy the stoke of surfing. In August, they were at the 2018 Hawaii Adaptive Surfing Championships

Kelly is a huge event supporter, also for the Challenged Athletes Foundation youth surf clinics.
CAF is a well-established non-profit that provides events, outreach, and grants for adaptive athletes both locally and internationally.

Benefits of Beach Trax

The Life Rolls On Foundation, which holds a nation-wide tour of events for adaptive skating and surfing, has also used Beach Trax through Access Trax. Another notable event from 2018 was the 4th Annual Angel City Games at UCLA – an inclusive sporting event with 5 different competitions hosted by Angel City Sports, a non-profit based in Los Angeles.

Beach Trax provided a stable pathway over the turf so individuals could access vender booths and the kids activities. Almost all events have been featured on the Access Trax blog page.


In the Country Guide United States South West you find lots of information, like a map ‘Beach Wheelchairs in California’ with over 100 locations providing contact info about types of wheelchairs, and services provided.

Beach Trax in San Francisco
Beach Trax in San Francisco

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