Accessible tours and holidays in AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE and MARTINIQUE

Accessible tours and holidays

Book directly with a local specialized travel agency. Group tours, private tours, short city breaks or day tours. Local services, transport and medical care available.

Accessible Tours and Holidays

COVID19 and TRAVEL PLANNING 2021 – 2022

Contact local agents for updates and detailed information. They have the latest local news and can share with you how you can plan your trip in the best way.

They have local networks, transportation services, accommodation and the best tips for a day out.

Accessible tours and holidays


Day tours in Victoria Parks. Make a reservation for a AllTerrain Trailrider Wheelchairs.

tourist at pyramid egypt


Accessible tours in Egypt.

Contact Memphis Tours.

crete architecture Greece


Accessible tours in Crete.

Contact Tourist Guides of Crete.

tour martinique boat


Accessible tours in Martinique book via Martinique Access’Ile.


Accessible tours in Nepal.
by Accessible Nepal.

eforie resort romania


Accessible tours in Romania by Accessible Romania by Sano Touring.

The land of 1300 natural spas.


South Africa

Accessible tours in South Africa. by Epic Enabled.

Book your tours and holidays directly with accessible travel agents.

They know their way around.

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