Accessible tours and holidays

Accessible tours and holidays: Private guided tours, accessible city tours, short stay, long holidays, choose from over 30 accessible tours we recommend for you.


Cordoba Puente Romano Spain

The local ATO offices can make sure your travels are well organized and in the unfortunate situation of a little hiccup during tour, they can solve it for you as they know all taxi services, hotels or other venues in the region.

We all know it is very energy consuming to plan your travels. That is where the ATO offices come in, they will save you tons of time and energy planning your travels. And look at these wonderful tours you can choose from!

The ATO Offices are the local experts.
Their tours are custom made, for you.

Local transport (from and to the airport), accommodation, highlights you cannot miss, they got you covered. Choose from day tours or fully organized trips.

You can rely on their expertise and knowledge. After all, they are the locals, and who knows best?

accessible tours and holidays

Accessible tours and holidays in Australia

Explore the outdoors with TrailRiders

Volunteer-sherpas trailriders victoria parks australia

Accessible tours and holidays in Europe

City tours and Transsylvania

Visit our Tours in Romania page to see the gift that goes with your booking

Contact the ATO Romania Office for more information.
Discover castles, old cities and beautiful wellness resorts!

Accessible canoeing, hot air balloon rides

Contact the ATO Catalonia Office for more information. Think of mountain climbing (guided tours for deaf people) or handbike tours in the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona. Accessible canoeing. A trip in a hot air balloon!
Last but not least, add the accessible city tours in Barcelona to your list!

Tapas, wine and culture in
Malaga, Cordoba, Seville

alcazar seville spain

Contact the ATO Andalusia Office for more information to book guided tours to the amazing Alhambra. Enjoy tapas or wine tours in Seville or visit one of the many accessible beaches.

Private guided tours around the island

Contact the ATO Crete Office for more information. The ATO Crete Office offers a variety of tours all year round. Book your own guide (available in 14 languages).

Day tours in the Netherlands

 accessible tours and holidays

Your own wheelchair taxi and guide to visit the highlights on your list!

Accessible tours and holidays in the Caribean

Martinique – a tropical adventure
Scuba diving, parachuting,
sunset paradise

Contact the ATO Martinique Office for more information. Martinique is a dream destination. Thanks to Noel, who runs the ATO Martinique Office it is a great destination for all travelers.

Accessible tours and holidays in Africa

Nile cruise, pyramids …

 accessible tours and holidays

Contact the ATO Egypt Office for more information on your Nile cruise or a visit to the Great Pyramids.

south africa fire pit

Serengeti, Ngorongoro, accessible safaris

Contact the ATO Tanzania Office for more information on your dream safari
in Tanzania.

We recommend tour operators and travel agencies who specialize in accessible tours around the world.

Come back here regularly to check the latest tours we selected for you. Make sure not to miss the promo codes at the Offers tab at our Facebook Page to receive a beautiful gift with your reservation.

If you have any questions, try our FAQ or reach out to our offices for help and bookings for all your favorite accessible tours!