Kristof Tomej

Kristof Tomej – expert in accessible travel for the visually impaired

Inclusive tourism

Kristof Tomej is a researcher working in the fields of tourism management and service marketing. As part of his doctoral studies, he has been researching holidays offered for inclusive groups consisting of people with and without visual impairment and involving sighted guiding.

He has been exploring the motivations for participating in such holidays as well as identifying ways of improving the design of inclusive services. Currently, Kristof works as a Researcher and Lecturer at MODUL University Vienna (Austria) and he has been collaborating with ATO since autumn 2018.

Design tourism

He is interested in finding ways to incorporate more of the non-visual experiences in the design of tourism- and other services in order to make them more accessible to those customers that have limited sight.

For some of Kristof’s research, check his ResearchGate profile at