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Wheeleez on the beach


Wheeleez on the beach – Sandcruiser, Conversion Kit, Sandpiper

Wheeleez on the beach

From airline to coast line

Peter Reich, CEO of APSL (Asian Prime Sources Limited) never realized that he has been in the Service and Assist business all his life, until now. This is the international success story of Peter, who founded WheelEEZ.

Peter was managing customer service for a major Airline in New York and Montreal for many years.

Peter Reich, CEO Wheeleez
Peter Reich, CEO WheelEEZ

Rolling on sand and gravel

Ultimately, other life experiences led to the recreation business. Through development, production, and selling such equipment worldwide it offered a unique opportunity.

Experiencing the great outdoors is something many people take for granted. Some of the most rewarding and inspiring locations to visit are often the least accessible for those who experience physical disability.

Inclusion to participate in recreational and leisure activities with family and friends is a critical dimension to having quality of life.

To facilitate with outdoor mobility, WheelEEZ have developed a range of mobility products to assist with accessing the fun outdoor areas.

Wheel – wheeler – wheelEEZ

Result of Peter’s quest to help invest in improving life quality of many: the WheelEEZ® wheel. Its key element is facilitating access to fun, enjoyable, and life-enhancing activities over challenging terrains.

One of the major goals of the international team at WheelEEZ is to make this ‘rolling’ facility available to many people in the world. Working with super-engaged, multi-national team members worldwide, helps to reach that goal.

The WheelEEZ team is especially proud of their high quality mobility range of products, including the Sandcruiser and the Sandpiper.

These are all terrain wheelchairs for adults and children. The chairs go anywhere allowing the user to access the water, plus a multitude of other terrains (beach, gravel, grass, rural areas, trails, tracks etc.)


Wheeleez has a range of products, such as an all terrain rollator and a Conversion Kit that fits your daily manual wheelchair and transforms it into an all terrain vehicle.


You can find the WheelEEZ chairs at beaches in Australia, New Zealand, United States, South Africa, Kuwait, Chile and the United Kingdom. You can buy the WheelEEZ chairs on 5 continents. Visit the website to contact suppliers directly.

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