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Ruthy Fletcher is a teacher at Support the Deaf People in the United Kingdom.

She teaches Deaf Awareness and Basic Sign Language in a Training for Hoteliers and Bespoke Hotels in the United Kingdom.

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Ruthy Fletcher, United Kingdom

This is her story.

“My name is Ruthy Fletcher and I was born profoundly deaf.

I made a decision to teach Deaf Awareness training, to hoteliers, due to an experience that I had previously encountered. I was staying in a hotel when unbeknown to me the fire alarm went off.

I was not alerted to the fire and was the only person left in the building, unaware of what was happening. After discussing this with deaf friends, I was astounded as to how many of them had similar experiences. I have unfortunately experienced this 3 times in different hotels around the UK.”

The training

The training also covers information regarding deaf culture, communication skills, and this will cover much more signing skills and specialist equipment for deaf people. I also include group activities which are fun and interactive.

Equipment for Deaf and hard of hearing people

During the training, I demonstrate equipment which is available for deaf and hard of hearing guests. Ensuring the guests health and safety and the hotels compliance to reasonable adjustments within the Equality Act 2010.

Hotels I worked with – feedback and stories

Below you will see some feedback Ruthy has received, read all testimonials at her website here.

The Grand in Brighton

  • Feedback: Another Successful Deaf Awareness and Basic Sign Language Training for Hoteliers at The Grand Brighton for the eighth time. They have made me so welcome and feel at home. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality.
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  • Please continue teaching, thank you! Ruthy is good teacher, an interesting and giving BSL lesson.
  • It was lovely to meet you Ruthy! The Training was informative, fun and I believe everyone has enjoyed it as much as I did.
  • Ms Ruthy is excellent teacher!! Really enjoyed training and looking forward to attending again.
  • I enjoyed it a lot and would have liked the training whole day, fun, inspiring and very informative. Everyone should do it.
  • Enjoyable and very interesting. I learned a lot of new information and awareness and happy to have learned some sign language from Ruthy, thank you.
  • I had such a fabulous day, I really enjoyed myself and have learned so, much I feel like I have had more understanding and awareness for the deaf community.

The Midland Hotel in Bradford

Good news, the Midland Hotel Manager just emailed me that I managed to cover more in the time frame, deliver a higher standard of service and make the whole process more enjoyable.

He will certainly be using my training again…. Working in this industry, word of mouth means so much and I have certainly left a lasting impression!

The Ibis Budget Southampton and the Novotel Southampton

This was a successful Deaf Awareness and Basic Sign Language Training. I was pleased to say that they have said they have opened their eyes to lot of useful and information. Here are the staff and managers are learning how to do basic sign language.

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I am pleased to say that General Manager at Ibis Budget had said that all the staff had enjoyed the course, would like me to come back again next year.

Feedback / testimonials

  • I am sure this course will change the view of how to deal with deaf guests in a hotel environment and better understanding their needs.
  • Very informative and enjoyable, easy to interact with and have a laugh with!
  • Very approachable personality during her teaching, funny makes you feel comfortable, she is a good teacher.
  • Thank you so much Ruthy – you have opened our eyes to lot of useful and information.
  • Really good course, we must be able to understand each other at least on a basic level. The tutor is good and strong personality.
  • Very good course, very well explanation – I would recommend her course to all the hoteliers.
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The Caledonian Hotel, Newcastle

I was delighted that The Caledonian Hotel are happy to order the equipment to alert the deaf people in case of emergency.


  • Information is very useful from a deaf person who knows what works, SET ME THINKING DIFFERENTLY about peoples needs. Lots of room for hotel to improve what we offer to help deaf guests. Thank you Ruthy
  • Highly relaxed and enjoyable – very engaging and informative.
  • Found the course very useful, have learnt a lot. Thank you
  • Great course, good valuable information provided thank you!
  • Think it should be compulsory training is any public venue where evacuation could or may have to take place.

The Skotel “Hotel School” Amsterdam, the Netherlands

First of all, I would like to say a massive thank you to Robert Schouten for his kind hospitality. The hotel provided me with a fire/clock alarm with flashing light/door knockers, and also, a fantastic door sign reading/saying “Please Be Aware – this room is occupied by a deaf/hard of hearing person!”
I was overwhelmed with their kind gesture giving me a “Beautiful Holland” book.

Amsterdam teaching ruthy deaf awareness


  • Very useful and an eye opener for instructors and students, thanks Ruthy
  • Thank you for all this informative / very interactive!!
  • Thank you for this interesting course, makes me more aware of the situation of deaf people
  • Great combination – educational and fun as well, thank you Ruthy.

If you are interested in a training, you can contact Ruthy via ruthy@supportthedeafpeople.co.uk.

ruthy deaf awareness
staff at the London Premier Inn, London

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