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Accessible travel adventures around the world

You love writing. You love photography. You love being outdoors. You love museums. You are passionate about accessible beaches.

You have traveled in 20 countries in a wheelchair. You have a photo collection of thousands and thousands of accessible places you visited, but never got the stamina to do something with it.

What is your story?

There are many of you out there, contributing in sharing information about that great accessible park, beach, museum. The awesome city trip, the day out with family.


We publish your accessible adventures

Some of you use Instagram only, or Youtube.

Others are frequently posting stories at their blog. It is all great, accurate and awesome, and your photos and videos are usually at a professional level.

Increase Reach

Over the years we have seen so many websites, large ones and smaller ones, of passionate writers out there and contributors sharing content for others to enjoy or simply to inform others with a disability.

There is not a single site out there reaching millions. Some have spent decades making videos, reviews and sharing their experiences, reaching but a few thousand people.

This is not giving proper credit or sharing the gratitude these writers and editors need with regard to their work. If you produce hundreds of videos, for years and years, if you make professional content for an accessible travel audience, you need a large audience. As in millions. You need to increase your reach. How?

We publish your accessible adventures

Traffic jam in accessible travel land

We have seen it coming for a while – complete online traffic congestion, a blocked highway if you will. There are so many websites, blogs, channels and other social media out there sharing accessible travel information that hardly any of them is found because of the search outcomes.
Add to that, that AI has taken over a lot of tasks and decides independently if a page or a link is te be shown, or not.

People simply give up and will not bother to search again. There are always some who remember your exact name, and read your stories or watch your videos. The vast majority will not. Tragic result is that the thousand island myriad in accessible travel online is quite counterproductive.

Then an even more tragic thing occurs, people keep going to Tripadvisor, even though they know there will hardly be any accessibility information. They do so, because there is ONE MAJOR REVIEW SITE.

Accessible Travel Reviews

At Accessible Travel Press you find a few large review sites (Australia, Canada, Europe, United States) that are very extensive and professional. Keep using these and help build these amazing websites.

If all people looking for reviews about accessibility would go there, the traffic would increase enormously and the number of reviews would grow exponentially, because the absolute number of visitors will be ten times bigger, every single day.

Next Level

The good thing is, that when time goes by, it all adds up. Over the years the content shared online about accessible travel or accommodation has been growing on a massive scale. What needs to be done now is: collect it all in one place.

This is what we have been aiming to do for many years. At the height of international growth, the travel world changed forever.

We understand you have difficulties to keep your motivation. To keep paying your hosting, your IT-friend, ads even. Your need for more visitors, clients and customers. Keeping up our quality standards for content, we invite each one of you to publish your work at Accessible Travel Press.

Download our Publishing Guide for Bloggers (or Social Media Content Creators) today. It will be easier, more rewarding and you will keep your motivation to write, to post and create content. We publish your story.



It is a great opportunity to know there is so much information out there – and that so many people can be helped if only they could find it easily.

We do check before we share, as we want to keep the content quality standard high. Join us now!

Locals know best

The locals always know best right? They know the best beaches, parks, hotels, restaurants. Some are making the effort of dedicating a lot of time and energy and share their adventures online.

Let’s connect. Join forces and create a unique platform here at Accessible Travel Press where millions will go to, as their first stop online.

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