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WANTED: local reporters


WANTED: local reporters – from all corners of the world

WANTED: local reporters

Over the years we have been collecting many travel tips and local stories. We search the internet all the time, finding the best news. All information is frequently updated to make sure all you read here is accurate and double checked.

But we cannot do that alone – we need to know about your local gems, your beaches, your favorite restaurants.

When we start traveling again, it is pretty certain most of us go the local pub, city museums, parks and restaurants.
Take in the culture and outdoors we so missed. Discover gems in the region, and go out and about closer to home.

this is holland and amsterdam lookout4
Amsterdam This is Holland – the Netherlands

Local reporters

As our website is growing we definitely need more people sharing their travel moments with us so we can add them to our country guides.

We always check before we share, and we focus on local events, places of interest and attractions.

In our country guides you can find thousands of accessible places to visit, yet there is room for so many more!

Senegal accessible travel guide
Photography – Senegal

Photos and stories

Photos and stories, that is what it is all about, right?

Travel memories are all just that. When it comes to accessible travel, you need to KNOW if what you see is accurate information. That is why we invite you, to be a local reporter for Accessible Travel News.

Show us your cities, tell us your stories.
Invite others virtually to your home town or country. You know it, as no other can.

Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, Oceania, basically: the WORLD

Many of you want to travel, dream of travel and see the world, at the same time you might forget that you have visited beautiful places near home. Museums, restaurants, parks. It will take forever to sort all that out online, and even if you find it, is it truly accessible?

YOU can make the difference here.

fort de france  Martinique
Fort de France – Martinique


In the south of Spain, you can visit many beautiful places. Simone, our local reporter in Malaga, created a few accessibility guides (free downloads). Easy to read and good to know more when you want to visit the famous Alhambra, or the cities of Sevilla or Malaga.

alhambra spain
Alhambra – Spain


Rahul on Wheels is a local reporter in Mumbai India. We recommend to follow him on Youtube or Instagram!

What can you do to help others plan their travels?

Connect and Care

One of our mottos is Connect and Care – that is a perfect match when it comes to social media, sharing your experience with Accessible Travel News.

One of our goals is sharing as many experiences as we can here on this platform, reaching our social media followers showing the local experts!

Share a photo of you, and/or your friends or family, and tell us about your experience. Was it a good one? Access in order? Friendly staff? Toilets ok? Tell us all about the details, and we will share it in the country guides and on Instagram or Facebook.

Having fun in 2018 in Amsterdam

Make sure to sign up at our Global Reviews Partner AccessAdvisr too and leave your review like thousands of others already did!


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