‘I have my own company and I travel the world’

Meet Maaike, one of our ATO Team members. She shares her advice with us on traveling when visually impaired. Maaike works in a building with physiotherapists. A great match with her sports massage practice. Most of her clients are athletes, like herself.

Professional skiing

When Maaike is not working or studying, she hunts snow, as a professional international slalom and giant slalom skier.

Most of her ski training sessions are in Austria and Switzerland. Maaike is visually impaired, for her that means her eyesight is limited to 2%. How does she do it? You can read more here on adaptive skiing.


Traveling the world being visually impaired

Her love for travel has brought her to many other countries. Traveling the world being visually impaired, Maaike went to 3 continents so far. In Africa she visited Botswana, Gambia, Kenya, Namibia, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In Asia India and Indonesia were on the bucket list and in Central America she traveled to Bolivia, Mexico and Peru.

Living in Europe, she has been to Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal and United Kingdom over the years. 25 countries. And counting …

Motto: no boundaries

Maaike’s motto: ‘There are no boundaries in life’. She encourages everybody with a visual impairment to go travel. When she is available, she is visiting hotels, making sure accessibility is in order. Maaike is traveling both solo and with company. Last but not least, Maaike is also Ambassador for NoisyVision Europe.

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