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1,891 Views 16.000 accessible toilets – Handicap X app – GERMANY In order to always provide our users with the best possible data quality, we editorially review all new reported data or changes. Germany, Austria, Switzerland In German-speaking countries alone (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) more than 16,000 accessible toilets haveContinue Reading


1,767 Views Awareness First – SWITCH SWITCH: a new way of thinking This a free article. If you want full access to our website and guides you can register here.  Accessible Travel News Service is an ad-free information platform to help you prepare for a day out or a holiday,Continue Reading

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1,819 Views Accessible Travel Apps – download today – created to make your life easier Accessible Travel Apps Smartphones and easy does it – around the world Accessible Travel Apps – what’s your favorite? MORE APPS Download today and make your life easier Fuel Service App INTERNATIONAL Simple, Easy RefuelingContinue Reading