Accessible travel and the hospitality industry

Accessible travel and the hospitality industry

Accessible travel and the hospitality industry

We don’t like to think in disabilities. We like to think in possibilities. Every traveler is a family member. Or a friend. It’s that simple.

And when you travel, you need to do the things travelers do. You go by plane, by boat or on the road. You wine and dine in restaurants, coffee places and ice cream parlors.

Hospitality – hotel industry

And you sleep in hotels. Grand hotels, family hotels, business hotels, art hotels, safari lodges, beach hotels, mountain places, cosy hotels and themed hotels.

Visually impaired

So if you are visually impaired, you need some extra’s to be able to do what you need to do. And if you have trouble hearing, you need other adjustments.


When you use a wheelchair, (significant) changes in construction need to be made. Ramps, enough space to move around, and of course you need to use a bathroom as you need to do. To mention some.

Why is it then that a lot of changes and adjustments need to be made still in the hospitality industry?

After all, to turn your business into a fully accessible business (whether you own a taxi company, a railroad company, a museum, a theater or a hotel) you need to make adjustments only once.

And after that, many many travelers or tourists will come visit. That is what accessible travel is all about. Because they are a family member, or a friend.

And friends and families TRAVEL TOGETHER. Always.