Portable ramp

The Stepless Lite – a musthave portable ramp for seasoned travelers. Easy to take along and easy to use. Goes on planes as carry-on luggage. Most popular model is 85 cm (length). International shipping (pricing on this page without shipping costs. Delivery within 10 days). Order yours today via info@accessibletravel.online or contact us for more information. Safe travels!

Product specifications

The Stepless Lite is very light to carry. It is produced from light weight carbon fiber. The foldable ramp has an anti slip coating. It gives a lot of freedom to move around. One of our favorites!

Length : 700 mm € 449,-                        Length : 850 mm € 549,-

Inner width : 730 mm                            Inner width : 780 mm
Folded : 380 mm                                   Folded : 390 mm
Max reach: 140 mm (1:5)                       Max reach: 170 mm (1:5)
Weight : 3500 g                                     Weight : 4000 g
Max. load weight : 300 Kg                     Max. load weight : 300 Kg

Travel Bag

The Travel Bag is priced 39 euro and makes a perfect fit for the 700 en 850 mm ramps and is easily added on the back of your wheelchair.

The Stepless Lite is also available in 1250 mm (€ 999,-)
and 1650 mm (€ 1099,-).