If you travel, you need to be prepared. We share the greatest products here with you that will make your travels easier and safer. Traveling in a wheelchair, or when you are visually impaired, brings challenges for sure. Everybody who wants to travel though, will find a way to do so.

If you love the beach, you need beach wheelchairs. If your dream destination has a beach where you can use beach trax to feel the ocean, you will go there!

More and more products are available, such as apps, shower chairs and assistance dog vests in various languages.

Latest addition to our products and apps section: QR menus and tactile maps. ATO will go the extra mile to make businesses in the travel industry aware of the importance of these products.

All products and apps here are shipped worldwide unless otherwise is mentioned. We work proudly with our partners and suppliers and are ready to welcome more!

Tactile and Braille – maps and 3D printables

photo braille menu
Large font and braille menu

Your hotel in 3D or your restaurant menu in a QR code

Orientation maps for people who are blind or have low vision

Overview maps with raised lines, symbols

Tactile contour drawings of buildings

Menus in audio by QR code  |  3d printed buildings

Beach Trax

beach trax hawaii

Beach Trax is a light weight foldable beach mat that can create your own pathway. Straight, square or zig zag. Easy to use. A musthave on beach festivals, concerts and beach hotels or clubs should most certainly have them ready. Shipping worldwide. For more information please contact the
ATO Southern California Office.

Debug Beach wheelchair – Rent it!

Debug Chair legrest out

The DeBug chair is foldable and is delivered throughout Europe.  If you book a holiday near the beach you don’t need to worry any more if there is a beach wheelchair around, just enjoy your own!
For more information please contact theATO Zeeland Office.

Dog Travel Sign  – Your dog deserves it

dog vest for assistance dogs

More and more people travel with their assistance dog. Help your dog feel secure and safe with this unique easy add-on vest to keep doing his work at his best. If your dog is at ease, he can work without being distracted all the time. Your travels will be easier and you will both enjoy your holiday!

We have 2 models in several sizes available, in 19 different language combinations. Order yours here.

GO-Anywhere Chair

Go Anywhere chair

A shower chair that goes on planes as carry on luggage. Invented by a wheelchair user. Many hotel bathrooms are not accessible.

This chair gives wheelchair users an opportunity to chose from more rooms other than accessible rooms, as there are not enough to meet demand.

It is very easy to put together. This chair gives you freedom! Read more here

The Stepless Lite

portable ramp
Carry on ramp

A portable ramp, goes on planes as carry on luggage, fantastic to have with you during ravels.
The Stepless Lite is very light to carry. It is produced from light weight carbon fiber and has an anti slip coating. It gives a lot of freedom to move around. One of our favorites! The Travel Bag (39 euro) is made for the 700 en 850 mm ramps and is easily added on the back of your wheelchair.

Travel Sheets in 15 languages – free download

These handy info sheets will cross language barriers. When you travel with your assistance dog, or medication, when you are visually impaired or you are hearing impaired, you don’t want to be stopped by languages barriers, even though you need facilities, information or services that are (still) not regular.

To communicate in basic English will not always deliver the message.
Our sheets have been translated for you by native speakers from 16 countries on all continents. the ATO sheets are of great help at airports, train stations, tourism offices, or in shops. From Indonesian to Portuguese, from Romanian to French, from Vietnamese to Spanish.
We got you covered!

The Fuel Service App

Fuel service app

Traveling by road? You can use this handy Fuel Service App, available in the following countries:

fuel service app

Australia Belgium   Canada   France Germany
Italy the Netherlands New Zealand Spain    United Kingdom        United States


Welcome addresses the issue of inadequate customer service for visitors with specific accessibility requirements caused by a lack of disability awareness and confidence of staff members.

The free app allows you to request visits to participating venues, indicating the areas you need customer service to have awareness of and the specific assistance you require. Venues are notified of the visit request and receive an overview of your condition and top tips to aid their interaction with you.

Suppliers of smart travel products, apps or travel services that are travel musthaves for the ATO community, please contact us via  info@accessibletravel.online. This is the perfect place to reach your customers.