Shower anywhere – Go Anywhere Chair

Portable foldable shower chair

Go Anywhere Chair

One of the most difficult things to do while traveling, is to take a shower. There so many inaccessible hotel rooms in the world, it will take centuries to solve that problem.

So what do you need when you use a wheelchair and you want to go see places? You need a shower chair of your own, portable and lightweight, to take with you everywhere you go.

portable shower chair

The portable foldable shower chair Go Anywhere chair goes on planes as hand luggage.

Order your chair now at GoesAnywhere.com.

Rick Goldstein

When founder of Go Mobility Solutions, Rick Goldstein, had an accident, his life changed dramatically and became a wheelchair user. Rick loves to travel and explore the world.

He did not want to be stopped by inaccessible accommodation to go see places on his bucket list, so he invented a series of portable and foldable shower chairs.


The GO-Anywhere-Chair is made in Tucson, Arizona, United States. This easy to use and safe portable chair may be easily moved between rooms.

It provides an affordable solution when old buildings are not to be easily renovated.

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