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This is what you need when you go on your next accessible adventure: these foldable and portable products are making the difference between staying at home or go out!

And if you travel, you need to be prepared. We share the greatest products here with you that will make your travels easier and safer.

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Check out this TOP 5 accessible travel products.

For both travelers and businesses: Portable and lightweight

Because bringing you own ramp or chair gives you 100% independence

1 ACCESS TRAX – foldable pathways for the outdoors

Customer reviews

Camille: Access Trax has transformed accessibility. An amazing and innovative product- Access Trax allows people with every ability level to get where they want to go…a total game changer!

Albert: BEACHTRAX/ACCESSTRAX is the most innovative and versatile product available for ADA accessibility. The panels are lightweight and easily manageable eliminating back breaking lifting by an army of individuals. The configurations are limited only by one’s imagination

2 ADAPTS – transfer sling that fits in your backpack

Customer reviews

Alecia: We originally bought ADAPTS for when we travel with Ryan, but we actually used it today when we took him to his doctor appointment and it worked wonderful so thank you again. It is a wonderful product!

Krystina, Ms. Wheelchair California: ADAPTS is not only great for evacuating in case of emergencies… ADAPTS works great for everyday activities.

3 QR MENU – restaurant menu services adapted 100% for blind and visually impaired customers


Inclusive restaurant menu service – QR

Digital services for restaurants, hotels and resorts, museums, festivals, theme parks – easy and clean menu

Awareness of independence leads to better reviews

We can make your audio menu in a way that is appropriate to people who cannot see or read or read poorly. As a result, more customer will appreciate your services.

Being able to use the menu for yourself will increase a feeling of welcome and more independence to many of your guests.

4 GO ANYWHERE CHAIR – foldable and lightweight shower chair


Editor’s pick from the web

Leading UK blogger Emma shares her experience using the WheelEEZ Conversion Kit

Rental services – tips around the world

(scooters, medical equipment, shower chairs, wheelchairs)

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  • jamaica mobility scooter
  • Martinique Access Ile transport on the island
  • San Diego zoo california usa2


Japan: Caregiver Japan


Victoria: Great Ocean Stays


Jamaica: Jamaica Mobility

Martinique: Martinique Access’île

Traveling by road?
You can use this handy Fuel Service App, available in the following countries:

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