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The Great Outdoors – accessible recreation in the United States

The Great Outdoors – accessible recreation in the United States

Editor’s pick: Accessible Adventures In The Pacific Northwest

Accessible Adventures In The Pacific Northwest is a presentation of Wheelchair Destinations

This channel is most definitely the best accessible travel information we found online. It contains some 40 videos of accessible recreation areas in the states of Oregon and Washington.

The most spectacular video is of John flying through the forest!

John Williams, a well known radio and television personality, guides you in accessible activities, for people of all abilities, in some of the most spectacular scenic areas in the pacific northwest.

All videos share detailed information about things to do, accommodation, scenic drives and how to get around.

This accessible travel information is among the best quality available online and truly deserves tens of thousands of views. Make sure to watch these videos, and share them with your friends.

playlist Wheelchair Destinations Washington and Oregon

This entire playlist shows all Wheelchair Destinations videos for you to see how accessible a location actually is, and let’s you decide if you the location is suitable for your ability.

More about outdoors recreation in the Pacific North West in Montana, Washington, Wyoming and Alaska

You will find accessibility recreation maps, adaptive sports and more.

Take it all in while taking it easy; your incredible, accessible journey starts in Anchorage. Know more about this accessible Alaska tour here:

Out West: California, Arizona

If you visit Arizona you must go see the Grand Canyon, there is no question about that. A free guide by the National Park Service, gives detailed information about facilities, services, service dogs, wheelchair access and more. Maps and routes.

The Great Outdoors - accessible recreation in the United States
Grand Canyon

California: beach life

San Diego

Detailed info on beach mats, wheelchair rent visualized in 10 photo maps

The Great Outdoors - accessible recreation in the United States
sunset at Ocean beach, California

There is more information about beaches in California here:


Accesible ziplining, waterski and meeting alligators

In Florida you find Gatorland – try the accessible zipline, right above the alligators!

Everglades National Park – Shark Valley

Accessible Board walk and tram tour in Shark Valley

The Great Outdoors - accessible recreation in the United States
Shark Valley Everglades, Florida


Or take a look at the accessible tours, accommodation and tour program in Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky.


Or maybe you prefer adaptive scuba diving, fishing, bird watching or dolphin watching that you all can do in Missisippi!

Read more here:

Making enjoying the outdoors easier, how?

When you travel, you need to have your personal transfer sling with you. This safe and affordable device fits in your back pack. It will make your day out or holiday adventures a whole lot easier

ADAPTS was invented to be the easiest and safest device to use in case of emergencies, and it turned out to be the travel musthave for travelers with a disability as well. It is sold worldwide and has been recommended by Wheels no Heels, the famous Youtube channel.

The Great Outdoors - accessible recreation in the United States
Using ADAPTS on a boat ride

Foldable pathways for any terrain

Enjoying the beach, or a day out near the lake, can be a mission impossible for wheelchair users. This product changes these worries forever!

Sold worldwide and very popular in the adaptive surfing community. This beach product is a winner. Also, imagine beach weddings, birthday parties, beach clubs and resorts – going to the beach is much easier with these lightweight pathways available.

Beach Trax is a lightweight, foldable, durable pathway designed to increase access over uneven terrain such as sand, gravel, dirt, grass, and snow. The design provides ADA compliant accessibility to wheelchair users, pedestrians, carts and strollers. Patent pending technology allows Beach Trax to fold, making it very easy to set up, break down, and store (

Want to know more about the revolutionary Beach Trax? Read more here.

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Islands of Hawaii

If you want to go to Hawaii, please visit the Hawaii info here at Accessible Travel News, where you will find some downloads with accessibility information and contact information on the islands to make your travel arrangements.


Accessible Trails in all states – on Traillink you can find wheelchair accessible trails. You will find over 2600 trails, in all states

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