serengeti safari tanzania

Tanzania safaris and sunsets

Tanzania safaris and sunsets


Tanzania safaris and sunsets

Accessible tours in Tanzania are organised for you by Zicasso Expeditions. Have you ever seen an elephant, a rhino, a cape buffalo, a jaguar or a lion? Also known as the Big Five?

Safaris are dream holidays. You stay in luxury tented camps or hotels during the trip.

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Kivaria’s story

The ATO Tanzania Office is based in Arusha. You can email Kivaria for your accessible safari adventures at

Kivaria shares with us “I am the owner of Zicasso Expeditions, a tour operator company based in Arusha, Tanzania. I’ve lived in Arusha for more than 30 years. I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration.

Before joining the tourism business, I have worked as a middle school teacher teaching Mathematics and Geography. Then I worked at Kiliholidays Tours and Safaris limited since 2016 as a Sales and Marketing Manager and in 2018 Zicasso Expeditions was born and registered by the Tanzania Government through its business registrar agent BRELA.

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In the process of doing online marketing the idea of serving people with disabilities came to mind. After a short research I found that not many tour operators offer accessible tours. From the survey I did find very few African operators cater for accessible travel.

Zicasso Expeditions, just started, wants to offer accessible tours and safaris as a full service. I know all suppliers of assistive devices and appliances and do the utmost possible to ensure our customers, with a disability, can enjoy their travels in Tanzania as much as anyone else.”

Tanzania culture

The Tanzania culture is Swahili, an Arab/African mix, but there are also big Asian communities, particularly Indian, in towns and cities.

Tanzania safaris and sunsets

Tribes inhabit rural areas, including the Maasai of the Great Rift Valley of the north. It is okay to photograph the locals, but always ask first. Some Maasai will charge you for this.

Read more about Culture and Traditions in Tanzania.

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