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United States TOP 10 Highlights

Beautiful places to visit, and all very accessible!

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Arizona – Biosphere 2 in Oracle

The University of Arizona Biosphere 2 welcomes all visitors and strives to make it’s tours, exhibits and programs accessible to everyone.

While much of the Biosphere 2 campus is wheelchair accessible, certain areas of the property are not accessible due the steep terrain and the presence of stairs.

The majority of the biomes including the desert, savanna, ocean and rain forest are all accessible by wheelchair or scooter. Our team will work with you to help access the areas open to the public.

United States TOP 10 Highlights

Florida – Kennedy Space Center  in Cape Canaveral

Many accessible services are available throughout the visitor complex for individuals with disabilities.

Please visit Information located at the main entrance to the visitor complex. Read the extensive accessibility guide on their website.

United States TOP 10 Highlights

Florida – Disneyworld in Orlando

Walt Disney World is committed to providing access and accommodation for as many guests as possible.

Disneyworld hotels provide numerous rooms with added comfort and services for guests with mobility, visual or hearing disabilities.

However, hotel availability may change based on your accessible room type choice, and only certain room types are equipped with accessible features. Visit the website for detailed information.

United States TOP 10 Highlights

California – Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf is easily San Francisco’s most popular attraction. While it is fairly touristy, with all the obligatory t-shirt shops, it is still worth a visit. One thing this area has is energy.

The bustle of the crowds, the music of the street performers, the colors and aromas all combine to help you feel the spirit of San Francisco.

It is wheelchair and stroller accessible, although the sidewalks are crowded, signs and displays may impede flow. Many corners have curb cuts. Restrooms are available to customers in most restaurants, and public restrooms can be found in Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39 and near the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf sign. Most, but not all businesses above the ground floor are accessible by elevator.

san francisco usa

Illinois – Millenium Park and the Skydeck in Chicago

Millennium Park – Accessibility

Every aspect of Millennium Park has been designed to be fully accessible to all patrons. All areas of Millennium Park can be accessed by wheelchair.

The Skydeck is completely accessible and ADA compliant. It is set up for strollers, scooters, and wheelchairs. Ramps make wheelchair access easy. The elevator can easily accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. The Ledge is also accessible.

Complimentary wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Skydeck offers optional sensory bypasses in our more stimulating exhibits. Licensed guide dogs are permitted.

United States TOP 10 Highlights

New Mexico – International balloon festival in Albuquerque

page 15 in the guide: IS THE PARK HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE?

Yes. We have hard surface handicap parking close to the entrance gates at the general parking fee of $20. But please be
aware Balloon Fiesta Park consists of more than 360 acres and the launch field itself is more than 60 acres.

If you have a handicap placard you can email (balloons@balloonfiesta.com) or send a copy of that placard with your name and address to AIBF; 4401 Alameda Blvd. NE; Albuquerque, NM 87113 and we will send you one of our handicap placards in August for the handicap areas.

We also have a limited number of scooters and wheelchairs available to rent and can be reserved through www.
, if needed, as well as shuttles that operate around the Park.

alberqueque balloons usa

New York – Central Park Zoo, Central Park, Belvedere Castle, American Museum of Natural History

new york central park
Central Park New York

New York – Niagara Falls State Park

Wheelchairs may be used wherever pedestrians are allowed and available for a fee outside of the Visitor Center located directly at Niagara Falls State Park. Wheelchairs can be used on the Niagara Scenic Trolley, as the Trolleys offer a lift. Also, the wheelchairs can get wet on the various attractions.

Service dogs are welcome wherever patrons are permitted to go regardless of other pet policies unless it poses a danger to the public utilizing the facilities.

Niagara Falls State Park has a variety of venues that are accessible to persons with mobility-type disabilities, including wheelchair accessible attractions like Maid of the Mist, the Observation Tower,

Niagara Adventure Theater, Niagara Scenic Trolley, Niagara Gorge Discovery Center, the Niagara Falls Visitor Center and Top of the Falls Restaurant. Please note that Cave of the Winds offers limited access.

Niagara Falls
credits: Nandaro

Tennessee – Elvis Presley Graceland

graceland tennessee
Graceland Tennessee

Wyoming – Yellowstone National Park

The National Park Service and its concessioners strive to make Yellowstone National Park universally accessible. Many facilities are more than a century old and accessibility is not always ideal.

Through an on-going self-assessment and transition plan, Yellowstone National Park is identifying and eliminating barriers to accessibility in its facilities, programs, and services.

Extra obstacles will be encountered because of the remote, wilderness nature of this special place. Facilities described as accessible do not necessarily comply fully with federal standards and some accessible facilities are not marked with the international symbol.

Yellowstone bird full moon

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