The culture of the Southern United States, or Southern culture, is a subculture of the United States.

The combination of its unique history and the fact that many Southerners maintain—and even nurture—an identity separate from the rest of the country has led to its being the most studied and written-about region of the U.S.

Habits are strong, memories are long

More than any other part of America, the South stands apart. Thousands of Northerners and foreigners have migrated to it … but Southerners they will not become. For this is still a place where you must have either been born or have ‘people’ there, to feel it is your native ground. “Natives will tell you this.

They are proud to be Americans, but they are also proud to be Virginians, North Carolinians, South Carolinians, Tennesseeans, Mississippians and Texans.

But they are conscious of another loyalty too, one that transcends the usual ties of national patriotism and state pride. It is a loyalty to a place where habits are strong and memories are long.

If those memories could speak, they would tell stories of a region powerfully shaped by its history and determined to pass it on to future generations.

Tim Jacobson, Heritage of the South * Source – Wikipedia

Hummingbird pie

What is your favorite Southern dish? In this video you see hummingbird pie, fried green tomatoes and much more of Southern cooking.

Melting pot

Throughout its history, American culture has been influenced by many different cultures like Native American, Latin American, African, and others, and is often called a “melting pot.”

Simply put, it is a metaphor that describes a heterogeneous society becoming more homogenous. Since every community had different ways of adapting to life in the United States, they might keep their cultural traditions, customs, and language.

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