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Egypt the land of the pyramids – accessible travel guide

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Capital – Cairo | Currency – Egyptian Pound | Timezone – GMT +2

Accessible travel agent – Memphis Tours

Egypt the land of the pyramids

Egypt is a land of ancient history, the world famous pyramids and breathtaking sunsets

In this Egypt guide you will find the highlights we recommend, some cultural background information and really beautiful, fully accessible tours, such as a Nile cruise, the Splendor of Egypt or a short Cairo break.

Hassan, Director of Operations, about Egypt: a short interview

Tell us a little more about yourself?

I am Hassan, I was born in Cairo and used to live in different cities around Egypt. My favorite city has always been Cairo, even though it is way crowded than others, but this is where I find my energy and power. I run the ATO office in Egypt besides my work in tourism which I started in 2005. I’m the Director of Operations at Memphis Tours Egypt and CEO at Trans Egypt Travel which is operated by Memphis Group.

What kind of accessible services does your company offer?

Our accessible services in Egypt are centered around helping people with a disability to tour around the country in every and each accessible place. No matter what you are looking for in Egypt, we will be handling your need with professionalism and experience of over 60 years in tourism.

If you had to introduce Egypt, what would you say?

What can I say more than the customer reviews? The country is called the mother of all world. It is always referred to the country you should visit at least once during your life. A country built by the Pharaohs has to be unique in every way.

How accessible is Egypt for visitors with a mobility impairment?

There have been some efforts done by the government in this regard. They try hard to make most of the places accessible. Though some are still not accessible enough, but the work has not been done yet in all of them.

From our side, we do our very best to accommodate accessibility needs, and accordingly, we modified some of our vehicles to match these needs and keep on training our team to be able to offer the once in a lifetime experience to our customers.

Egypt the land of the pyramids
Accessible cruise ship – river Nile

What is your Top 3 Accessible Must see/Must do in Egypt for disabled travelers?

1) Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza is a must. Who is not dreaming of visiting this wonder of the world?! It is accessible, but unfortunately, you will not be able to go inside the burial chamber of the king – the Pyramid from inside, and I personally do not recommend it, but you still have the chance to see these wonderful Pyramids and Sphinx.

2) The Egyptian museum which contains thousands of the artifacts is a must visit. It has an elevator to take you to the second floor where you can see more of these magnificent monuments. It’s a visit you cannot miss.


3) Relax and see the two thirds of the world monuments between Luxor and Aswan on a deluxe Nile Cruise. The Nile Cruise has accessible room(s) and modified to this specific need. You will absolutely enjoy the sailing and of course the cruise program and visits. When you are done with this, you will be keen to come back to experience the same over and over again.

egypt nile cruise
accessible cabin at the Acamar Cruise ship

Do you have an advice for travelers who are interested in visiting Egypt?

My advice is to enjoy to the maximum. You will be on a vacation, and you will experience a different culture here, so always be ready to ask as many questions as you can because you will always find someone to answer yours.

Egyptians are kind and helpful, so do not panic when you find people you do not know and will not even remember you are trying to help you in all ways, whether giving directions, or trying to make you happy by spreading their lovely smile for free.

The weather is fine, but it gets warmer at the summertime, so wear your comfortable clothes at the summer. Do not worry about keeping your body hydrated as we will take care of this during your trip. Keep your camera always fully charged and an extra memory card will be helpful.

In addition, our guides are expert photographers, so they will guide you about the best shots and will help you to take magnificent memory photos.

Egypt the land of the pyramids