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Experts who visited and checked the properties

In Spain: Barcelona Enabled, DisabledAccessHolidays, Native Hotels.

In the Netherlands: Grim Reizen, MundoRado Reizen


Hotel Huerto del Cura Tested by Native Hotels


La Joya del Cabo de Gata Tested by  Native Hotels


Ayre Rosellon Hotel

Barcelo Sants

Confortel Barcelona  Tested by MundoReizen

Country House

Evenia Rosselo

Gran Hotel Torre Catalunya

Gran Via 678 Hotel

MICs Sant Jordi Tested by Barcelona Enabled

Olivia Plaza 

Benidorm / LaCala Finestrat

Gran Hotel Bali Tested by Disabledaccessholidays.com

BMResort Tested by Grim Reizen


Hotel Spa Aguas de Los Mallos  Tested by Native Hotels

Apartahotel Piedrafita Lodge  Tested by Native Hotels

El Privilegio de Tena  Tested by Native Hotels  

Hostería de Guara  Tested by Native Hotels

Hotel Rural Selba d’Ansils  Tested by Native Hotels


Agroturisme Can Lluc  Tested by Native Hotels


Hotel Europa

Hotel Indigo Gran Via 

Sheraton Madrid  Tested by Native Hotels


Agroturismo Cases de Son Barbassa  Tested by Native Hotels

Es Convent d’Ariany  Tested by Native Hotels


Biniarroca Boutique Hotel  Tested by Native Hotels

Ca Na Xini  Tested by Native Hotels


Hotel Aldeaduero  Tested by Native Hotels


Hotel Mar Y Sol  Tested by MundoRado Reizen