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An international database of certified accessibility consultants. Registration is now open.

Support from the best

It is crucial to implement or improve accessibility at your property in the right way. Therefore we strongly recommend to contact certified accessibility consultants.

We will help many companies and organisations in the travel industry find these important consultants to ensure a professional way of including accessibility to policies and budgets.

Hotels, resorts, theme parks, restaurants, museums, the zoo, accessibility should be a given in any public place.

Management in hospitality

It is our experience that the first decision when it comes to implementing accessibility is not just a budget decision.

It is a lack of knowledge in the first place, that keeps management stuck, without taking any steps. How will they know what to invest in? What is necessary, what not, why, and how?

Consultants on all continents

Certified consultants can register any time. Please use this form. You will receive further information regarding your listing upon receiving your business info.

Annual registration fee is free. A direct link to this website is required.