Inclusive QR audio menu service


We would like to add the QR menu to your customer services. This QR service is fully adapted for use by people who need screen reader apps or text to speech to easily navigate the menu.

The great added value here is that all your customers can use the QR menu, making this a fully inclusive service!

Prices are for 1 QR code (1 menu).  Custom made codes or subscription services can be ordered here.



After your order has been processed, please email your webpage where you have published your menu. If you have the menu available in a text file, even better.

We will send the QR of your menu – adapted for use by all your customers – within a week.

Make sure to let us know what language you want the menu created in. If you need more QR’s in other languages, simply place a new order and share preferred language.

If you prefer us to take care of the menu, including all updates all year round we recommend the subscription QR menu service.