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If you are a local travel agent (inbound) or a tour operator specializing in accessible tours, outdoor activities or city trips you can be a great ATO representative. Tourism boards with a strong focus on accessible tourism can be ATO Offices. Do you love your city and you know every accessible restaurant, museum or park? We can set up your ATO Office in 2 weeks.

ATO Partners


sano touring romania All accessible travel information on Romania at AccessibleTravel.Online is issued by Sano Touring, a specialized accessible travel agent. The team in Bucharest is dedicated to arrange your unforgettable trip to the land of 1300 natural spas, music festivals, castles and fairy tales.

Read all you need to know about traveling to Romania here Country Guide Romania.

Romania is an upcoming destination where travelers enjoy untamed nature, castles, cathedrals, friendly people and good food. Accessible tourism is definitely on the rise in this beautiful country at the Black Sea.

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Abdelfattah Haddani HandimarocMOROCCO: CASABLANCA OFFICE

All accessible travel information on Morocco at AccessibleTravel.Online is issued by Société Handilabel Maroc, a specialized accessible travel association. The team in Casablanca is dedicated to arrange your unforgettable trip to the land of the Sahara, the ocean and the Atlas mountains. city trips to Marrakesh or Casablanca.
Read all you need to know about traveling to Morocco here Country Guide Morocco.

Accessible tourism is definitely on the rise in this surprising and charming country at the north west coast of the African continent.

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ATO Offices

ATO office VictoriaAustralia: Victoria Office

Christine Smith, multi award winning accessible tourism icon, has joined ATO. She founded Great Ocean Stays, that  offers fully accessible accommodations and tourist information.

Her experience and enthusiasm to make the travel world more accessible to everyone is outstanding.  Ocean Grove, where she is based, is located along one of the top 10 iconic roads in the world to enjoy ‘the Great Ocean Road’.

Information about Australia you can find here: Country Guide Australia.

email ATO Office Victoria:

Kelly Twichel Access TraxUnited States: Southern California Office

Kelly Twichel is the founder of Access Trax, based in San Diego. She is also an occupational therapist and runs the ATO Office for Southern California. Her experience in accessible tourism, being officially appointed to the world adaptive surf championship, held annually in California, brings a great share of knowledge and tourist information to ATO.

email ATO Office Southern California:

In the Country Guide United States South West you find lots of information, like a map ‘Beach Wheelchairs in California’ with over 100 locations providing contact info about types of wheelchairs, and services provided.

AccessAdvisr – Review Partner

ROB TRENTRob Trent, Founder of AccessAdvisr, is ATO’s Review Partner. On the AccessAdvisr website you find over 1700 reviews. On a daily basis people add reviews on museums, shops, hotels, football stadiums, restaurants and other venues.

This user friendly review website is growing fast. We are proud to work with Rob and his team.  AccessAdvisr is a free to use website allowing users to view and rate access information.

AccessAdvisr was created to provide an unbiased, real-world view of how easy-to-access different places and transport stops are for disabled people.


ATO is looking for partners and offices on all continents. An ATO Partner is exclusively a partner for a country. If you want to obtain an ATO Partnership or start an ATO Office in 2019, please use this form – before November 1 –  to connect and we will set up a call. We are happy to share our terms and conditions. Looking forward to meet you!

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