This month ATO’s favorite is: Romania!

What’s the connection between Charlie Chaplin, Aristotle Onassis or Salvador Dali and Romania?

Good to know before you go!


Ana Aslan is a legend. She became a legend due to her contribution in the medical world. She is one, if not the most, significant figure in Medical Geriatrics (geriatrics – treating the elderly) history. The Romanian doctor changed ageing people expectation’s by inventing Gerovital and a series of cosmetic and geriatrics treatments for a revived quality of life.

Ana Aslan considered ageing as any other disease and fought for a treatment, culminating with Gerovital products.

Eventhough her geriatric formula is kept secret, there are several places where her treatments are practiced under total medical supervision: places like Geriatric Institute Otopeni, a hotel in Brasov (in the mountains) and another one in Eforie (at the seaside).

Mao Zedong, Charles de Gaulle, Pablo Picasso, Sir Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Aristotle Onassis, John F. Kennedy are among the famous patients of Ana Aslan Institute.

Wellness, Spa and Resorts

We invite you on a relaxing and healing journey in one of the most famous resorts in Romania: Băile Felix.

The thermal waters from here are well known for its miraculous effects in different diseases such as: rheumatism, neurological diseases, post traumatic disorders or associated disorders (nutritional and metabolic diseases, endocrine disorders).

Treatment procedures you can expect:

  • warm baths with mineral water
  • electrotherapy and hydrotherapy
  • aero heliotherapy in open pools with thermal water
  • wraps and mud baths


Contact our ATO Romania office today and treat yourself to a stay in the beautiful resort Baile Felix or the well known Eforie Nord at the seaside!


Beautiful Bucharest

If you are more of city person, or a cultural explorer, we recommend the accessible Bucharest – Transylvania tour.

At the first day of your tour your guide will reveal the beauties and the records of Bucharest: The Palace of Parliament (the second largest administrative building after The Pentagon), the Village Museum to taste the Romanian traditions, then a short walk in the chic neighborhoods of the city.

Book this lovely, affordable tour with our Partner in Romania, Sano Touring.