This month ATO’s favorite is: BPiC!

ATO’s favorite in May is BPiC, or Best Places in Catalonia. Laia at the ATO Catalonia Office loves the region she grew up in, and is a great outdoors fan.

She knows the best routes for handbiking, mountain climbing or where the best wineries are. She speaks 3 languages (Spanish, English and Dutch) and knows really how to give tourists the opportunity to discover spectacular & less known places.
Contact Laia if you want to visit this beautiful region in Spain.
Did we mention Barcelona is super accessible? Best Places in Catalonia is based in thit beautiful city on the east coast of Spain.

Wine tours – Penedès region

As sitting around the table is one of the Catalan most valued activities, let’s start talking about our wine tours in the Penedès region. A remarkable landscape characterized by endless vineyards dotted with country houses, unique historical sites and a host of wineries that have made the Penedès region internationally famous.

If you want to learn savor the essence of these wines, ask us about our visits to these majestic vineyards. A truly an experience for your senses! Click here for more information about the PENEDÈS & VALLÈS EXPERIENCE.

montseny pack catalonia ATOs favorite


Now let’s move onto the unique holiday experience in the heart of the natural park of “Montseny”, Picture yourself surrounded by nature, enjoying the scenery.

Plenty of activities for everyone’s taste are available in this beautiful hidden spot. Click here for more information about the MONTSENY EXPERIENCE.

Spain costa brava Catalonia Guide

Costa Brava

If what you are looking for is a combination of a very good climate, nature, excellent beaches and outstanding gastronomy, Costa Brava makes an attractive destination.

Thermal waters, spas and health resorts, massages, saunas, relaxation… That is your journey of pleasant sensations on the Costa Brava. Costa Brava is about sun, beaches, coves surrounded by nature, refreshing dips in crystal-clear water, peace and calm, strolls along coastal footpaths, charming fishing villages…

Click here for more information about the COSTA BRAVA EXPERIENCE. We have different tours and activities waiting for you!

Guilleries – kayaking, canoes, sailing

Wait, wait, wait… You are the kind of person who wants to enjoy & feel the nature in its purest form?
Then you are the best candidate for our GUILLERIES EXPERIENCE.
Our accessible kayaks, canoeing, & sailing tours will give you the opportunity to know each and every corner of this remote beautiful place.

Click here for more information about the GUILLERIES EXPERIENCE

Unforgettable up in the sky

Inside the water, in the mountain…. What about up in the sky? A flight in a hot-air balloon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we ensure that the whole day is unforgettable, above all if it is designed to mark a special occasion.
Click here for more information about the GARROTXA EXPERIENCE

BPiC wants clients to leave Catalonia with the feeling that they want to come back. No linguistic, age, architectonic, communication or cultural barriers.

This is their motto: Best places in Catalonia,
your ambassador to discover the region.

ATO Catalonia Office
Best Places in Catalonia