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A nurse went on a trip to Scotland and realized: “I need to start a businesses that employs registered nurses to accompany people with disabilities on their holidays.” So she did. – UNITED STATES

Imagine you would love to go see places, travel near or far, but you need medical support really. And then there is this company where you can book a registered nurse to accompany you.

Well, now you can. In the Boston area, United States, a young registered nurse (Officer in the United States Naval Nurse Corps) started a travel care company called AidVenture Nurses.

There is something about leaving one’s comfort zone, immersing oneself in another culture, soaking in new experience that makes us feel both alive and part of something larger.

AidVenture Nurses

Amelia and her grandmother

Passionate about travel

My family has always been passionate about travelling, and for years we have been attempting to travel to Scotland. Dunvegan Castle in Scotland’s Highlands is the ancestral home of the clan McCleod, McCleod being my middle name.

My sister, mother, grandmother and I had planned the entire trip for May of 2020 only to have our hopes dashed by COVID-19. We postponed the trip again and again, desperate to see the castle amongst the cow-speckled hills. Meanwhile, the inpatient unit where I worked as a nurse was transformed into a COVID-19 unit, and all hopes for travel were dashed once more. While I cared for the sickest patients I had ever seen, I kept the hope alive that one day my family might make the journey.

To this day, I believe this hope is what got me through this horrible time.

AidVenture Nurses

On holiday? bring your nurse – AidVenture Nurses

Scotland here we come!

Finally, in September of 2021 we were able to make the trek across the ocean and see the McCleod Castle!
We meandered through the highlands and fed Highland Cows through fences and had a pint with the locals in Oban. I had never been so grateful to be on a trip with loved ones, despite the innumerable COVID self-swabs required!

Impressed with the ease of travel when accompanied by a travel assistant and experienced medical provider (me), my grandmother shared our experience with friends also struggling with mobility and medical issues.

AidVenture Nurses is born

Thus the concept for AidVenture Nurses was born.

At AidVenture, we believe traveling is one of the greatest joys in life and should be accessible to all. Whether our client requires assistance with age-related mobility challenges, chronic illness monitoring, medication or device management or has special or unique needs, we are here to help.

Local, domestic and international travel

AidVenture Nurses provides their clients with private-duty Registered Nurses to assist during local, domestic or international travel.
We believe in harnessing the opportunity of each new day and forging space in our lives for adventure. We know the trip of a lifetime is attainable and so we strive to support and compliment the independence of our clients.

  • on holiday bring your nurse
  • on holiday bring your nurse

Remove barriers

We aim to remove barriers to travel and provide our clients and their loved ones the freedom to unlock the world together!

For US readers at Accessible Travel Press: Amelia is a Reservist in the U.S. Naval Nurse Corps, and thus AidVenture is proud to offer a 10% discount for all Active and Retired Veterans.

Visit the AidVenture website to know more about their services, nurses and any question you might have.

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