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Off Road Solutions – Everybody to the beach!

A new ATO Office, in Zeeland (the Netherlands) is managed by Martijn Koppejan who founded Off Road Solutions, a company based in Zeeland, the beach province of the Netherlands, dedicated to making beaches and nature reserves accessible to everyone.


Off Road Solutions strives to offer a complementary array of products,  dedicated to find a solution for every beach accessibility challenge. All products ship worldwide and/or are available for rent (in Europe).

Custom made

As the word solutions in the company name gives away, Martijn and his team make sure that if the products don’t fit your demand they can offer custom-built solutions as well.


Martijn Koppejan has a bachelor degree in nursing and worked as a beach life guard for about 15 years. Witnessing the struggle disabled people faced to enjoy the beach, he decided this situation had to be improved. Step by step he turned Off Road Solutions from a small “one-product-company” into what it is today. His ultimate goal is to improve people’s lives and health as much as possible by creating worldwide access to the world most precious treasures: beaches.