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United States

In the United States section you will find many places to visit, from accessible beaches to museums, to National Parks and theme parks.

We only share information that has been checked and verified, that is updated on a regular basis.

Are you missing information you need? Let us know, and help us create more content for you. Reach out to the place you want to visit, or have visited as you know it to be accessible. We need to have their accessibility information on their website, to share it here at Accessible Travel News, so all our followers and friends will know about it.

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Browse through our sections via several search boxes throughout the website on state name, city name or location such as ‘museum, zoo, theme park, outdoors, hotel’. You will find more information in some states than others, as we are developing and building this guide.


In San Diego is our partner Access Trax. Developing and shipping Access Trax all over the world


United States
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General information

Visa – all information on applying for a visa to the United States you find on this website.

Language – the official language is American English.

Timezones (6)

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST), the time zone New York is in – GMT -5
  • Central Standard Time (CST), the time zone Chicago is in – GMT -6
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST), the time zone Denver is in – GMT -7
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST), the time zone Los Angeles is in – GMT-8
    Alaska and Hawaii have their own time zones: Alaska Standard Time (AKST GMT -9 and GMT -10) and Hawaii Standard Time (HST) – GMT -10


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Accessible Parking

Information about Parking in the United States using your Parking Permit (disabled placard or blue badge) you can find here.

United States

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