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In San Diego, California  Kelly Twichel manages the first American ATO Office.

Please contact the Southern California Office via
3950 Leland St. Apt. A20
San Diego CA  92106 United States

Are you interested to set up an ATO Office in your state? Please use this form.

General information

Capital – Washington, D.C. |  Currency – American Dollar | Timezones 

  • Eastern Standard Time (EST), the time zone New York is in – GMT -5
  • Central Standard Time (CST), the time zone Chicago is in – GMT -6
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST), the time zone Denver is in – GMT -7
  • Pacific Standard Time (PST), the time zone Los Angeles is in – GMT-8
    Alaska and Hawaii have their own time zones: Alaska Standard Time (AKST GMT -9 and GMT -10) and Hawaii Standard Time (HST) – GMT -10

Visa – all information on applying for a visa to the United States you find on this website.

Language – the official language is American English.


ATO Travel Sheets – Download here

travel and assistance dog

travel and medication

travel and hearing impairment

travel and visual impairment

Information about Parking in the United States using your Parking Permit (disabled placard or blue badge) you find here.