North America – United States and Canada

North America – United States and Canada

Are you dreaming of visiting the beautiful national and state parks in the United States? The famous museums in New York or Washington? The beaches in California? How to know if these places are accessible? It would take forever to look it up.

yellowstone wyoming usa

Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA

We have collected all this information for you. You simply go to the page you want to read more about and find links to accessibility pages of these locations.

Here you will find hundreds of available pages of accessibility information in airports, on airlines, in museums, attractions, theme parks, outdoor recreation and historic sites in the United States and Canada.

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North America – United States and Canada

Accessible travel tips

Our team is dedicated to share as many accessibility information as we can find. We share only available pages, because we need to be sure you can rely on our services. It is not a given that all museums, hotels, parks or other places to visit are accessible to all. On the bright side, we are confident for it to happen.

Only a few years ago we could hardly find any airline information, and now there are many airlines sharing extensive information on all their services.

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