Scuba diving and parachuting

Scuba diving and parachuting in Martinique with Noel Cicalini, owner of Martinique Access’île, a social travel agency founded in 2010. Noel, himself a paraplegic, is specialized in organising holidays for handicapped people and the elderly.

Martinique Access Ile Noel Cicalini
Martinique, Noel Cicalini

Noel’s story

Being a sportsman, Noel continued giving a lot of time and energy to sports after his accident at the age of 24 in France, where he was born. He traveled the world to attend wheelchair basketball matches, did marathons and joined an accessible 4 wheel drive across the Sahara desert in Africa.

Scuba diving

Another passion of Noel is scuba diving. When he was in Martinique for the first time, he understood there were no tours or facilities for accessible scuba diving. The travel agency journey starts here, and he built an accessible travel network on the island, that he now loves so much.

Scuba diving and parachuting

Noel is an expert in organizing accessible trips and proposes holidays suited to your handicap, as his company Martinique Access’île collaborates in a partnership with many local authorities and organizations, such as the territory collectivity, townships communities and the Martinique tourism committee.

What will you do on the Caribbean island of Martinique?

There are so many options to chose from: diving experience supervised by handicap trained diving instructors, tandem parachute jumping, natural sites sightseeing, hikes, sea excursions or simply enjoy the Caribbean sea.

Get your Travel guide published by Noel Cicalini. In this guide you will find all practical information to prepare and experience your stay without limitation.

Living on the island since 1999, Noel learned a lot how to offer accessible tours, always looking for possibilities and out-of-the-box thinking to make it work.

They got your covered

In Martinique you can enjoy the gorgeous beach, using a floating beach wheelchair. You can rent a medical bed, sanitary material, hoist, electric wheelchairs or shower chairs.

Martinique Access’île has adapted vans as well experienced staff, they do all they can to take away your worries and make sure your stay is an everlasting memory.

accessible pool martinique
accessible pool

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