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Musthaves in your suitcase

Musthaves in your suitcase

Accessible travel products, services and apps are exactly what you need when you go on your next accessible adventure

Download our free travel sheets – translations in 15 languages sharing crucial information about your medication needs, your assistance dog or basic questions to ask if you have a visual or hearing impairment.

If you travel, you need to be prepared. First thing to pack is the ADAPTS, a portable transfer sling that is water resistant, fire proof and fits in your backpack.

ADAPTS – portable transfer sling

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ADAPTS portable transfer sling

This handy travel item was invented to evacuate people with disabilities from airplanes, it is used by many on different occasions and is the number one item to have in your suitcase if you go on your next accessible adventure.

Transfers into boats, pools, any transfer situation during your trip can be made safely when you use your ADAPTS.

Take a shower

portable shower chair
Go Anywhere Chair

The bathroom – the most complicated space while traveling. Rick Goldstein, from Arizona, United States, changed the ever recurring problem of not being able to have a shower, when the bathroom has a shower in the tub. Besides, using your own chair having a shower is not working either.

His Go Anywhere Chair is a great solution for this international problem and it goes on the plane as carry on luggage. Read more about this chair here.

Take your own ramp with you

portable lightweight ramp
Portable ramp

This is a portable lightweight ramp that goes on planes as carry on luggage. It is a great solution for travel in Europe, where you find countless pavements, curbs and other uneven entrances.
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Musthaves for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry


For all guests with a visual impairment, the menu is difficult to read, or not at all. Using your visually attractive design menu is a great way to attract customers, however, you exclude people with disabilities who are not able to read the menu themselves. The Accessible Travel Foundation has set up a new service to help you be inclusive in your menu service for all people who prefer to use an audio menu. Try this 3 course meal yourself:

qrcodemenu Accessible Travel Foundation

To know more about our inclusive audio restaurant menu services or order your subscription go here.

Beach, Ocean, Freedom

beach trax hawaii
Jess Johnson Photography Hawaii
Ms Wheelchair Hawaii Sarah Foley using a pathway to go across the beach

There is a really good reason this product won the Award of Excellence for Trailblazers in accessible travel: Beach Trax. When you travel all the way to a sunny destination it is such a magical feeling if you can feel that ocean water by reaching it on your own.

Beach Trax made their way to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, UK, South Africa, Israel, and Japan.

Beach Trax are delivered worldwide, can go on plane as carry on luggage, and also can be rented for a day (wedding, party) or multiple day events.

Update your phone

Nobody is probably traveling without a smart phone in the 21st century. There are many apps to help you roam the planet. When you are traveling with a disability it is not quite the same.

We recommend the Welcome App when you travel in the UK or Ireland, to experience great customer services in all venues offering this Welcome service.

In South America the Lazarillo app was created, a wayfinding app for people who are blind or who have a visual impairment.

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