Ozion – the airport software we need

Airport Special Assistance, from awful to Awesome! How did Ozion, an up and coming airport software company, change the passenger assistance rulebook in favor of passengers and the agents who take care of them? Ozion achieved this by a strategy that puts each individual assisted passenger at the heart of the airport’s PRM operations.  Focusing on securing their journey inside the airport from the moment the passenger arrives and meets the agent to the moment they are securely in the aircraft or in their family’s car on the way back from the airport. Every step of each passenger journey is planned, confirmed followed and immediate actions taken when anything might affect it’s timely conclusion. Also, agents who are in control of their assistance service are less under pressure and can focus on extending a fine service for which they will be complemented. Watch the video to see how agents at Samsic, one of Paris Charles de Gaulle’s three PRM providers, uses Ozion’s software to take fine care of PRM passengers going through CDG.