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Language barriers

When you travel with your assistance dog, or with medication in your carry on bag, life can be quite challenging, to say the least. Communications is very important at these moments, crucial really. Language barriers can sometimes be difficult to cross.

So we made Travel Info Sheets, handy to take along when you travel by air or by train. In a few words you can explain your basics, and it can make travelling, crossing borders or finding the right gate in the airport (instead of missing a plane) easier.


It is easy to take the sheets with you, either in print or you save them on your mobile device and show it to anybody who can help you. Language barriers can be  challenging. The ATO Travel sheets will give you more independence, feeling more confident while traveling.

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Available in English here: ATO Travel Products (and on all sections for English speaking countries)

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In Brasilian: Brazil in Bahasa Indonesia: Indonesia in Chinese: China In Dutch: the Netherlands

In French : France in German: Germany in Hebrew: Israel in Italian: Italy

in Japanese: Japan in Polish: Poland in Portuguese: Portugal in Romanian: Romania

In Spanish: Spain, Mexico and South America

In Thai: Thailand in Vietnamese: Vietnam

Available in more languages soon, this article will be updated regularly.

Travel with assistance dog, medication, when you are visually or hearing impaired

The travel sheets explain in basic words what it means to have your medications with you, and that you must have them at all times, especially during travel. The info about assistance dogs will help you explain that your dog needs to be with you 24/7. When you are visually or hearing impaired it is good to have this info with you, so you can give it to people and ask for help in their own language. It will be so much easier for you to get directions for instance.

Thank you Asia, Irina, Ivana, Lalin, Laurent, Linh, Melanie, Ridha Aditya Nugraha, Sue, Viktor and Mr Eran Cohen & Rabbi Lev Taylor for your greatly appreciated work!

Travel Info Sheets
Travel Info Sheets