Jamaica, Ya mon! Cheers


Jamaica, Ya mon! Cheers

Jamaica, Ya mon! Cheers

In Jamaica, the Caribbean island of reggae and sunshine, and beautiful nature, many people find a relaxing holiday destination. Adrien, co-founder of Jamaica Mobility is our local partner.

From Italy to Jamaica

Hi, I’m Adrien, originally from Turin in Italy, but Jamaican adopted. I am passionate about nature and reggae music, which is why i found Jamaica to be my new home.

Video of wildlife in Jamaica

I have been living on the beautiful island of Jamaica, land of trees and water, since 2012.

I have worked in the tourism industry for many years, helping European and North American tourists to live and feel the island culture.

Eco Tourism

Also, I promote eco-tourism and always encourage guests to leave their resorts to meet the people of Jamaica, as well as to go explore its beautiful landscape. 

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Accessible travel

Throughout these past years I realized that Jamaica’s tourism sector is growing rapidly, but offered very few facilities for travelers with a disability. 

This is how the idea of Jamaica Mobility – of which I’m the co-founder and owner – came about. Our main goal is to link touristic attractions to people who have mobility restrictions. We believe that such a blessed and fun-filled island needs to be accessible to everyone.

Jamaica Ya mon! Cheers

New Mobility Scooters

Jamaica Mobility is fairly new, we started out specializing in rental of electrical scooters and wheelchairs. In the near future we have plans to expand into guests transfers and tours activities.

I am glad to be the representative of ATO Jamaica and looking forward for so much changes in this country.

Ya mon (Cheers!)

More information about Jamaica you can find here.

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