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Capital – Rome | Currency – Euro | Timezone – GMT +1

Venezia Italy
Venice, San Marco Square – Saint Mark’s Basilica

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Public Transport / By car

Train  – ItaliaRail

Rome – Underground Metro system


Genoa – Preno Taxi (taxi services and small excursions)

By car

Fuel service app
Fuel service app

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La bella Italia

Have you dreamed of visiting Rome? Tuscany, Venice, Sicily… it is all simply beautiful. And then there is the food …

The largest guide and accommodation information portal for Italy is Village 4 All with over 70 destinations.



The Museo Tattile Statale Omero (A museum fully accessible for the blind and visually impaired)


Uffizi Galleries (special tactile tour for the visually impaired)


MAXXI, Galleria Borghese (visitor info in English) and Accessibility Info (in Italian)


the Vatican Museums

Touching art – Museo Tattile Statale Omero

“Touching art is not only for those who can’t exploit light and enjoy images. It can also help everyone discover new and richer ways of perceiving”.

It is a way of perceiving which is forbidden in almost every museum, an approach to aesthetic pleasure which has hardly been explored by the non-sighted, in spite of its profound epistemological importance. And yet, there is a museum in Italy which has made tactile observation its main channel of learning.

Touch faces, bodies, gestures, expressions, discover volumes and perspective with your own hands

The Museo Tattile Statale Omero was created to fill this gap in the range of cultural services for the non-sighted, and also to offer an innovative space where artistic perception passes through multi-sensory, rather than just visual, stimuli.”

Historic Sites


The Basilica of Saint Anthony


historic site


St. Peters Basilica, The Colosseum


the Doge’s Palace


Accessible sailing


With a disabled owner Cadamà was meant to have a strong social commitment from the very beginning. All the people that work or are somehow tied to Cadamà are utterly sure that the sea is much more than a source of adventure, it is a gym where we can discover our self and limits, strengthen our independence and self-esteem and finally where to learn to open up and interact with those that surround us.

This is whay Cadamà is so much more than a beautiful wooden yacht or than an accessible charter: we take part with a mixed crew in regattas, bring forward a sailing school project and propose ourselves as a powerful instrument for team building.


Let’s go to the beach!

Sicily accessible beaches – 9 cities with over 100 accessible locations with beach wheelchairs or walkways.

More Italy

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Visa – all information on applying for a visa to Italy you find on this website.

Language – the official language is Italian. In tourist areas people know also English or French.

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