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Rahul Ramugade India

1,325 Views India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal Today on International Yoga Day, we introduce you to Rahul Ramugade in Mumbai, who is a local reporter for Accessible Travel News Rahul Ramugade in Mumbai, India is:Continue Reading

ATO awards screenshot

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donkey noses and vrolijkheid ness

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International Day Persons with Disabilities quote Marlies

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Melanie fireplace Hilton Rotterdam

811 ViewsHilton Rotterdam – Melanie visited during the holiday season Hilton Rotterdam – Melanie’s experience Hilton Rotterdam – Melanie’s experience – Melanie stayed at the Hilton Rotterdam in December. Sparkling lights, beautiful Christmas decorations, and, a very accessible experience. This is her story: Award “I called from the car weContinue Reading

new york time square

416 ViewsA lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility Money Matters A “risk”A “cost”A “charge”A “burden”A “liability” This is the degrading, devaluing reality thrust upon disabled people every day of our lives. In the USA The Americans With Disabilities ActContinue Reading

Beach Trax On Sand

1,854 ViewsAccess Trax from San Diego Access Trax in California A folding portable pathway for outdoor terrain: Access Trax. Removable hinges allow path customization. Fast and easy set up- just unfold. Perfect for travel, home, work, or events! Foldable, lightweight, portable Take control of your accessibility with Access Trax- theContinue Reading

martisor Romania

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