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donkey noses and vrolijkheid ness

624 Views Donkey Noses and Vrolijkheid-ness a story in South Africa Donkey Noses and Vrolijkheid-ness By Briony – Accessible Travel Expert Blogger In these uncertain times, you need to read stories about donkey’s noses and Vrolijkheid (Happiness) Donkey velvet noses Can there be anything better than donkey’s noses?Well, I mean, there’s chocolate cake,Continue Reading

Melanie fireplace Hilton Rotterdam

528 ViewsHilton Rotterdam – Melanie visited during the holiday season Hilton Rotterdam – Melanie’s experience Hilton Rotterdam – Melanie’s experience – Melanie stayed at the Hilton Rotterdam in December. Sparkling lights, beautiful Christmas decorations, and, a very accessible experience. This is her story: Award “I called from the car weContinue Reading

new york time square

290 ViewsA lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility A lawyer talks – ‘tweets’ from NYC about accessibility Money Matters A “risk”A “cost”A “charge”A “burden”A “liability” This is the degrading, devaluing reality thrust upon disabled people every day of our lives. In the USA The Americans With Disabilities ActContinue Reading