Rahul Ramugade India

India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal


India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal

India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal

Today on International Yoga Day, we introduce you to Rahul Ramugade in Mumbai, who is a local reporter for Accessible Travel News

India – the land of yoga and the Taj Mahal

Rahul Ramugade in Mumbai, India is:

Player Of Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team

Rahul India cricket

Captain of Maharashtra Wheelchair Cricket Team

National Para- Swimmer

Rahul India swimming pool

Wheelchair Traveler

Rahul in India

Adventure Sports Lover

rahul scuba diving

Youtube channel Rahul on Wheels

Rahul, who has polio on both his legs, is a para sports person from Mumbai who loves to travel and share his experiences.

He uses a wheelchair to move around. He also rides his modified activa to travel in his city, Mumbai.

Recently Rahul started a youtube channel (Rahul On Wheels) to share his life experience as a person with a disability in India.

Sharing my 2nd Scuba Diving experience with Dive India at Havelock Island. It’s a Boat Dive at Tribe Gate dive site. It was quite an adventure experience. Also trying to show how wheelchair users can try a boat dive and how accessible it is.

Andaman Island

Rahul has visited Andaman Island in December 2019 and has made a videos series named Andaman On Wheelchair.

More plans

He has plans to make similar video series for Mumbai as “Mumbai On Wheelchair” after the lockdown gets over. In these videos he will be showing wheelchair accessible places in Mumbai.

Rahul Ramugade India

Facebook – www.facebook.com/rahul.ramugade
Instagram – www.instagram.com/rahul_onwheels
YouTube – www.youtube.com/channel/UCjakTm_folG0BtBNSOq9gJA/videos

21 juni is International Yoga Day

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