In the media

In the media

Published articles

LinkedIn – 31 articles (2017-2020)

How to set up an accessible travel agency at Tourismtiger.com (april 2020)

Accessible Travel Online is mentioned in Guide to traveling with a disability by ETIAS (February 2020)

OpenPR.com – press release Awards of Excellence (August 2019)

Neatebox Ltd – Three words which tell you exactly what you’re going to find when you click on the ATO link (March 2019)

Landal life december2018
Landal Life (December 2018)

Disability Marketing (Solutions Marketing Group) – Finding a Room that Fits (April 2017)

Partners in the news


Kelly Twichel, Access Trax on Spinalcord.com (December 2018)


FESPO 2018 (guest country Romania – theme barrierfree travel)The Geordie Traveller, Emerging HorizonsInterview with Cristina Caluianu on Pink Pangea 

Victoria (Australia)

Geelong Indy tourism growth peninsula Geelong and the Bellarine (November 2019)

Surf coast Times (February 2019)

Geelong Indy interview Great Ocean Stays (July 2018)

Our Friends

Helma, Ambassador Assistance Dogs Worldwide

Algemeen Dagblad – Helma’s Hellumstocht, Telegraaf, Omroep Brabant 2016, Hart van Nederland (national tv) 2016, Youtube, The TV Show 2016 (starting at 7.45 – 18.30 min).

Danielle, Ambassador for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Algemeen Dagblad – Danielle rent de Zevenheuvelenloop, book project ‘Mijn geZICHT’ (boek Oogfonds),
video Running Blind sports clubMarathon Rotterdam, TV Show ‘Nooit meer naar huis‘, in Canada (2016), ZE.nl – interview Danielle February 2019

Shanne, travel team, hotel checker

Promo video for sports (2017) ‘How important it is to do sports when you have a disability‘ (interview in Dutch, 2016)
Shanne joined the Vondelgames in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). Interview video of Shanne, preparing for these games (annual event).

Maaike, world traveler, alpine skier, visually impaired

A story and a video on this website. Maaike is going for gold at the 2022 Paralympics! (June 2019)

Niels, former healthcare manager, MBA

Watch a 50 minutes episode on Dutch national tv about Niels. (February 2019)